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    Guild Shop

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    Official Guild Shop

    Post by FTE God on Wed 09 Sep 2015, 12:32 pm

    Welcome To The Guild Shop!
    The guild shop allows you to upgrade your guild by adding subcategories, H-Rank spell slots, Ace slots and other various things. Only the guild master can purchase things from this shop! So make sure you give jewels to your guild master so he or she can help fund the guild and improve it for all those in your guild!

    Guild extensions allow you to add subcategories into your guild. You can set the privacy settings for each subcategory. But there are 4 different subcategories which have different costs.

    Extension Level 1: Allows you to create a IC room sized subcategory
    Extension Level 2: Allows you to create a IC castle sized subcategory
    Extension Level 3: Allows you to create a IC town sized subcategory

    Extension Level 1: 200,000 Jewels
    Extension Level 2: 300,000 Jewels
    Extension Level 3: 400,000 Jewels


    Guild Name:
    Extension Level:
    Category Image:
    Category Description:


    A guild pet is a pet that can be used for any purpose, it is essentially a pet but all players of the guild can summon the pet to their location. When it is not being used it follows the guild master. One guild can only have 1 guild pet. All 3 of it's abilities need to be of the same type. So a Offensive Guild Pet needs to have 3 offensive abilities.  

    There are 3 types of guild pets. Offensive, defensive, and supportive. You can only have one pet so choose carefully as to what you want your guild pet to be.

    Offensive Guild Pet: A offensive guild pet is one that is incredibly strong and can be used for combative purposes. A offensive guild pet can learn up to 3 S-Rank offensive spells.

    Defensive Guild Pet: A defensive guild pet is one that is used to protect the guild and guild members. A defensive guild pet can learn up to 3 S-Rank defensive spells.

    Supportive Guild Pet: A supportive guild pet is one that is used to help players whether it is used to heal or teleport members. A supportive guild pet can learn up to 3 S-Rank supportive spells

    Offensive Guild Pet: 800,000 Jewels
    Defensive Guild Pet: 700,000 Jewels
    Supportive Guild Pet: 500,000 Jewels


    Guild Name:
    Pet Type (Offensive, Defensive, Supportive):
    Pet Description:
    Pet Physical Appearance (Image Required):
    Pet Abilities:


    Purchase a guild ace position slot so you can exceed the maximum 3 Ace positions for your guild! It is extremely pricey as guild ace members can access guild spells. The maximum amount of guild aces you can have in a guild is 7 including the 3 you already have.

    Guild Ace Slot: 3,050,000 Jewels

    Post a reply with the template below to unlock an extra Guild Ace Slot.


    Guild Name:
    # Of Guild Ace Slots You Are Purchasing:
    Total Cost:

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