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    Jerrell Beaumont "The Fateful Leprechaun"

    Jerrell Beaumont
    Jerrell Beaumont

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    Completed Jerrell Beaumont "The Fateful Leprechaun"

    Post by Jerrell Beaumont on Mon 26 Oct 2015, 12:01 pm

    Jerrell Beaumont "The Fateful Leprechaun" Czxk6kY

    Jerrell Beaumont "The Fateful Leprechaun" YFi4oq0

    Jerrell Beaumont
    21 years of age
    4th September
    Anything Special:

    Jerrell Beaumont "The Fateful Leprechaun" BATkbMM

    Outside of Battle: Jerrell Beaumont is a calm and collected man. He lives in the moment and lets whatever happens happens unless he needs to take action to change fate. He doesn't take on any unimportant tasks as he sees no point in doing so which leads to his laziness and care-free attitude. Any simple thing that anyone could easily do within a matter of minutes he would not bother attempting, similarly if he saw a robbery on the street he would just watch making him easy to despise. Despite this kind of attitude he has a friendly personality and a shareable humor making him somewhat of a likable person. He is also a man who believes in luck which is shown when he gambles or makes bets. When he does gamble or make a bet he has a 66.6 recurring percent chance of winning. Outside of battle Jerrell is a steady thinker and plans things out carefully; he does this to avoid pointless fights and unimportant tasks.

    Inside of Battle: Jerrell in a battle becomes a go-getter. He will give all his might to win. He becomes very stubborn and determined and will not give up until he has either won the fight or died. Jerrell fights as an all-rounder; close and fats as well as ranged and slow. He uses any tactic, every spell he can use and all the tricks he knows in attempts to win. Jerrell is very competitive and would never accept losing but because he realizes this he does not brag about winning, instead he goes back to his lazy self. Jerrell releases any stress, anger and every other negative emotions through fighting which in turn gives him an adrenaline boost. In battle Jerrell is does not carefully think about his actions and makes decisions too quickly which could endanger his life from false assumptions.

    -Silence because Jerrell can only fall asleep if he is surrounded by complete silence. A lazy-bones like him would like to sleep a lot.
    -Nature and Wildlife. Jerrell finds that the outside world soothes the soul and so he tries to spend as much time relaxing in nature's beauty.
    -Summer and Winter. Jerrell likes the hot Summers and cold Winters. This is because these are the two seasons where everyone seems to have good times. Good times means less work.
    -Loud noises. Jerrell can not sleep if there is any noise and he loves his sleep. Also loud noises are just annoying to him as they make him become unfocused and lose track of what he's doing (if he's doing anything).
    -Pointless Fights. Why would you fight if you don't have a reason? One of the main outcomes is pain and last time Jerrell checked, pain hurts. Also Jerrell is not one for giving up and so he makes fights drag on until he either wins or dies.
    -Interrupted sleep as he is usually disturbed when someone wants him to do something that to him is unimportant. This annoys him as once he loses his comfort it takes a while for him to get it back.
    Any good reason. This is because he finds it pointless to take action if you don't have reason behind it.
    -Death. This is because the afterlife is unknown and you can never expect when you are going to die.
    -Secretly fears his dice rolls because if he gets a bad roll it could lead to his demise. Crowded areas because Jerrell has a serious case of claustrophobia.
    -Spiders as has arachnophobia because you can find the little guys everywhere and they appear out of nowhere and they're fast and as soon as you see them they disappear and.... yeah, he doesn't like them.

    Jerrell Beaumont "The Fateful Leprechaun" SqttsRj

    5ft 11in.
    Hair color & Style:
    Jerrell has purple hair and combs it so it has a long fringe covering the left side of his face.
    Eye Color:
    Ice blue.
    Skin Tone:
    He has light skin. Quite pale almost like a fictional vampire.
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:
    Jerrell Beaumont "The Fateful Leprechaun" 0EfFJMc

    Jerrell Beaumont "The Fateful Leprechaun" Ow9Aqjr

    Blue Pegasus
    Guild/Council Tattoo:
    Jerrell's guild tattoo would be on his right cheek and it would be coloured a dark shade of grey.

    Completed Re: Jerrell Beaumont "The Fateful Leprechaun"

    Post by Guest on Wed 28 Oct 2015, 2:49 pm

    Jerrell Beaumont "The Fateful Leprechaun" 72MmCIj

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