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    Fate/Endless Spring


    Fate/Endless Spring Empty Fate/Endless Spring

    Post by SailorMint on Mon 26 Oct 2015, 5:30 pm

    Brand new Fate rp. Looking for admins and anyone else who might want to help out with the site. Also if you are just looking to do some alternate universe fate rping.

    Fate/Endless Spring

    Welcome! Our Holy Grail War takes place in Fuyuki City... well if you can really call it a proper Holy Grail War. See at some point in this time line something went horrible wrong with the Grail (what else in new right) to the point that everything is pretty much in shambles. Somehow the Grail has been leaking mana for years and people can't quite understand how it hasn't run out yet. More Magi have been born along with more magic circuits that can handle higher units of prana. Even weirder Heroic Spirits are being reincarnated into families all over the city. In order to tap into all the potential the Mage's Association and the Church have stepped in and started calling it the Holy Grail Battle Royal in which Masters and Servants will team up together in non lethal battles to gain prestige.

    Tohsaka Academy is the school that handles the upcoming magi. Avalon High deals with teaching our heroic spirits. At these schools you shall learn from your teachers and learn from other students how to cultivate your abilities. Don't be to concerned that our masters and servants are going to separate schools the have arranged joint after school activities to help grow bonds and strategies to prepare for battle.

    Battles take place at night and to avoid damage to the town a Reality Marble will be set up with all sorts of arena types. There servants and masters may fight until the Reality Marble dissolves a victor will be decided based on skill. Remember these battles are not to kill your opponent but to disarm or wear them out. Penalties will be enforced if you kill your opponent on purpose or by accident... of course they will be more severe if on purpose.

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