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    Lamia Scale Guild Information


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    Guild's History
    Lamia Scale is a quite old guild, which keeps and passes it's beliefs generation through generation. Lamia Scale was founded almost 150 years ago and started as a tiny guild with a poor amount of people. But the guild quickly grew strong, and it only took a bit more than a century to transform that little group of people into a huge and powerful family. Lamia Scale was founded by the well known Master Kyoya Schiffer. The guild followed this wise man for 53 years. The guild was little at this time and followed idea based on knowledge as power, this little and young generation is known as the Schiffer generation. When the time came, Schiffer passed to a better place and left his legacy in hands of Drozel Urihara. This generation was slightly bigger than the one before, but it didn't change that much. This generation wasn't as peaceful as the first one, being actually quite chaotic, and looked for raw power in magic instead of looking for knowledge as the Schiffer generation did. This generation was almost absorbed by darkness, but the guild master was strong enough to realize he wasn't the indicated to continue in his position and left before it was too late. After 16 years in the Urihara generation, a new generation came, it follower a powerful mage who was part of the Schiffer generation, she was called Lenalee Shina. She was a very nice woman who enjoyed helping others. She was only 28 when she was chosen to be a guild master and is still remembered as the youngest guild master in Lamia Scale as well as one of the most beautiful woman in Lamia Scale's story. She was the guild master of the Shina generation and followed some peace beliefs, her guild was there to help other and just for that. During her 61 years as a guild master, the people grew closer to each other, more as a family than a guild, and the amount of people also grew more than ever, this was the start of the Lamia Scale we know now. After Master Shina, she left her place to her daughter, Seraphim Natsume. Her generation was still known as the Shina generation because of the beliefs she shared with her mother. The generation was almost the same, but it stopped growing as it did before. She lasted for 19 years before being murdered at the age of 50 by her own son. His son was the one who people considered the best option, his plan was almost perfect to become the leader of such guild, but his father, Asuma Rangoon, knew the truth and exposed it to his family. Asuma's kid was exiled and asuna became the next guild master, starting the new Neo Schiffer generation.

    This new Neo Schiffer generation looks nothing but the power in the knowledge of magic, this generation is full of a bit vary of people and has no specific needs for someone to join. The only thing that is looked for is loyal people, people who won't join the guild, but will join the family. This is Lamia Scale, the guild to help each other.

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    The Guild
    The Guild started in a fairly big tree transformed into building in the outsides of Hargeon Town. The tree was nothing but a little hall where people only spent some time, but there wasn't even space for them to live. The constant magic around the place gathered in the roots of such tree, making it grow much faster than it usually does and getting to the point where the tree actually has it's own magic source in the roots and protects the guild from evil in some sort of way. The guild hall grew from the little tree house to a giant tower. The inside is mostly wooden, but some other materials such as glass or marble were used to build the inside. The tower has four straight and normal floors counting the ground level as the first, though it also has a lower level as well. After those first four levels, the levels are lost and little hoses were built randomly on the top part of the tree. Each house has it's own specific stair and hallway to get there from the exterior and is usually inhabited by more than one person.

    In the first floor, you can find the main entrance and main hall. The main entrance is a huge five meter tall wooden door. After using the main entrance, the first thing you'll find is the main hall. It's the largest room in all the guild, the place where everyone can walk in to have a drink or two, spend some times with his guild mates or look for a job in the job panel. That area is also the only area open for public. The whole room is made of wood and has wooden chairs and tables as well and even counts with a wooden bar. Even if made with nothing but wood, each thing looks different since the floor is the non-processed wood from the tree, the walls and ceiling are made with processed wood and the bar chairs and tables are made of different wood as well. In the main floor, you can also find the docks in the back part of the guild. The docks are wooden docks leading to a huge river which is used as a natural protection from enemies. The river has different dangerous creatures, but most of the coast is safe enough to just jump and go for a swim.

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    The second floor is where you can find the library. The whole floor is dedicated to books and other useful stuff for investigations. In the entrance of the second floor, just after the stair way, you may find a desk. The desk belongs to a woman who's in charge of the whole library, but because it's a huge library, maybe the biggest in fiore, it's difficult to find her since she's most of the time between the shelves reading or placing everything neat and in it's place. In this place you can also find a unique magical orb. This orb can reproduce a map of the world in any time from the present to the past, it's unique in it's kind and one of the guild master's favorite toys.

    The third floor is where the guild has all it's cellars. If you need something and it's not a book, you'll find it here. This is where the rooms with food, broken stuff, wood or any other stuff you might need can be found. This is where the guild locks all it's resources. It's also where the treasure chamber is hidden in the most deep part of this floor, but only the guild master may hold the keys to enter this place.

    The fourth and last floor is where little cabins, rooms and houses started to be built. Any guild member has the right to pick one of these to stay. Each room is different, but they all count with a small kitchen, from one to even six bedrooms and enough bathrooms for everyone sleeping there. The guild is huge, so it needs many rooms, not only for mages, but for any worker in the settlement. After this floor, about four more houses were built, but this houses are huge compared to the ones below them. These four mansions are only for the best of the best in the guild, usually the ones the guild master has most trust on. One of this houses is of course inhabited by the guild master itself, and in the top of the tree, there's a watch point where the whole city can be seen even if it's located a few kilometers from the building. The watch point is quite big and has a beautiful view for anyone who wishes to see the beauty of the forest.

    The last part of the guild is a little floor located below the first one. This floor is quite deep in the ground, and everything you'll find is the baths. These baths are thermal water baths, this is why they are located below, to catch the natural heat of the forest. The cave is very deep, so the only light inside comes from the shining magical diamonds on the top of the cave. These diamonds have absorbed the magical energy of the tree to shine and glow with a beautiful blue color. These are thermal waters and perfect place to relax or spend some nice time. Also, it has no men or woman area, though the cave is big, so you can simply move to another place in the cave or be separated a big rock.

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    Welcome to Lamia Scale

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