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    Eiyū [Done]

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    Completed Eiyū [Done]

    Post by Bardo Rebellion on Tue 27 Oct 2015, 8:02 am

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    Name: Eiyū
    Age: Unknown
    Sexuality: Heterosexual (straight)
    Birthday: 09/22
    Race: Angel [Fallen Angel]
    Anything Special:
    Tattoo on his back:
    Eiyū [Done] RkCXX

    Eiyū [Done] BATkbMM

    Who is Eiyū? He is a philosopher of life always striving to find yet untold mysterious within the world and attempt to achieve what many may call the impossible, he has a passion that drives him that many say has seemingly become lost within this world. He is an easy – going mellow fellow who strives for the yet known and possibly the yet to be unknown, however, he doesn’t truly force his philosophy down the throats of those he encounters or socializes it yet  instead seeks to simply enlighten their minds into something they themselves perhaps couldn’t have seen without the help of another. This is a quality that he truly will and intends to search the world to find instead of what many call the normal and the sane he strives to find like-minded thinkers in the search for what else may be beyond this seemingly primitive world. This is why he had taken up the art of magic for it to him isn’t simply a weapon to make the minds and bodies of others crumble to a paste of nothing but rather a chance to enter one’s mind to explore their mind and soul and perhaps open them into a world they couldn’t have seen without you….

    Though even being a mellow individual he has a strange and extremely intimidating personality. He has a certain level of respect for all of his fellow guild members, former and present, and has utter faith in their abilities. He possesses a strong winners-mentality, believing that winners get everything in life while losers are denied all, however, this mentality has become a development from his long journey across this world and has also found and views his power and skill as of that of another realm not truly becoming arrogant from this opinion but rather simply that seeing it as his opinion to have confidence within himself for he must be doing something correctly and striving toward the right goals if he has lived this long without fail…

    In addition, he will not tolerate anyone who opposes him, looks down on him or speaks to him in a derisive manner, stating that only those who serve him can look him in the eye, while others who oppose him should know their place. Eiyū also thinks that his orders are absolute and he will use force to make others submit to them, however only using force when needed to keep the order in which he finds a passion for so much within line, though seemingly more often than not taking things to the extreme, this will be shown by anyone who would oppose him showing them no mercy and no tolerance for it in the slightest swiftly resulting to violence if need be, as he always strives to be one if not the top mage within the organization. Though he is a man of benevolence and one with a charismatic smile and aura. Befitting his genius intellect and heritage Eiyū is a very driven individual who is very much like his father in a lot of ways if you knew him, another note is his keen desire for knowledge a sense of investigation to get to the truth.

    Therefore, though he doesn’t see himself as such some could go to the extent of calling him a rather manipulative person which drives him to the breaking point upon hearing for it is as if the doors he is seeking to awaken and open within the minds of others always gets smashed into his face for people can’t truly understand the mind set of which he dwells within. With this being said it also makes him walk a rather solitude line of life for he is looked down upon and seen as an outcast within society for his out of the world like view upon society. Though he deals with this lifestyle by leaning toward another art other than thinking that many people have long forgotten or seemingly replaced with that of violence and chaos, which would be his love for music. This is something that comforts him in his darkest hour and also helps push him to keep down the path that he has seemingly set upon…., another thing that makes up a great part of his personality is admiring the little things within life that many people would choice to overlook unless forcefully told or needed to do. Prime examples of this would be the sheer beauty that makes up the works of nature or a beautiful full moon within a wonderfully bright night sky that can showcase the vast reaches of space with the starts guiding your eyes through the night. These are all things to which he view make up a great deal of his personality in many different ways, for with the admiration that he views the world it has made him a man of great detail taking in his surrounding not out of the concern of danger but rather simply to admire that of which he is standing within, the sounds of which he listens to daily helps him tune into his surrounding for the wonderful music that the world makes all naturally, and his mellow and philosophical look upon life making his mind vast and a wondrous thing that helps him accomplish many of his life goals that he strives toward.

    Furthermore, there are kind things that people say about the man as well as the negative which would be that he is a rather benevolent being never truly trying to harm or corrupt someone for no seeming reason and always striving to do nice things even when he is in the worst moods he will put upon his face a bright smile and answer the worlds negativity with a dose of admiration for the chaos and choice to strive forward instead of letting himself sink into the darkness of its depths that have captured so many souls before him. In addition, to this he is also viewed by some as seemingly charismatic for though not many view the world such as he they, however, do strive to see life through his eyes and if it becomes possible they come out viewing life with an optimism that could rival his own as they continue to strive out of the darkness that seemingly shadows the world toward a lighter path while looking at his back. He never truly belittles or downs the skills or mindset of anyone and hopes that the darkness that tugs at the hearts of people around the world never reach his as he continues onward through life not truly striving toward world peace for it is a statement that known no true meaning and can turn something meant for positivity into a dark and dangerous objective that you will sacrifice your own soul to achieve, but rather he simply wants to better the world one encounter at a time with a bright charismatic smile upon his face and a message of positivity that he attempts to pass down to all…

    With this in his mind there is a strong sense of justice and a willing to help people in distress, even when he becomes severely injured he tries not to show weakness, and stay strong in front of his companions to show that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it may seems to wander through. However, even a man like this has his flaws and can become something that not many people truly desire or deserve to see and that is a side of him that only appears when he becomes enraged, this happens when his companions or friends are harmed in any way, this is when he goes into a state of brutality using his skills instead to inflict the most possibly mental and physical damage as possibly. He loses all qualms of hurting people he will not tolerate the threatening or hurting of anyone he finds important to him and this is when is darkest side will arise without hesitation leading to a rather disastrous outcome.

    However, even with this dark side he doesn’t truly like killing anyone, this is a trait that many people call him naïve and soft for, however, it is rather the opposite for him for sometimes he can be slightly arrogant in his abilities and finds that if need be he can be the absolute protector of that of which he holds close and refuses to believe that he will ever be in a situation that he can’t protect those he cares for. Therefore, this is the personality of Bardo Rebellion and individual that strives for nothing but to better himself and the world around him and sees no obstacle too big for him to overcome to achieve this goal…Therefore, many people could say with his manipulative and seemingly self – centered nature, Eiyū is essentially a sociopath. While he does like some people, he has been known to state that for him what is valuable one day could easily become trash the next, and he will not hesitate to get rid of someone that seemingly is within his way to maintain the order of this world. Though this is seemingly a conflicted personality it is all his true nature…

    In Battle:
    Eiyū is well-known throughout the magic lands for his violent behavior and troublesome attitude. He began to hate all people who called themselves legal mags and as a result has almost zero respect for any of them. He views most people within that organization as weak hearted and lack the will to do what is necessary. Eiyū also has been described by many as "at first glance, he comes across as being a lazy sort, but... there's a strong sense of mischief in his eyes." Eiyū is quite relaxed most of the time as he occasionally skips out on things he finds boring, such as the Guild assemblies. When fighting, he becomes brutal and has no qualms of hurting people who threatens him or any of his “subordinates” (friends).

    Therefore, many people could say with his manipulative and seemingly self – centered nature, Eiyū is essentially a sociopath. While he does like some people, he has been known to state that for him what is valuable one day could easily become trash the next, and he will not hesitate to get rid of someone that seemingly is within his way academically or combatively. Though this is seemingly a conflicted personality it is all his true nature and a wonderful facade that he dwells behind until it is called for him to become of his true self and once again show his seeming “absolute” nature…

    - Balance: He believes that there isn’t a need for a hierarchy or super structure, for with freedom comes creativity, motivation, passion, and free will all of which are symbols and characteristics that someone should have for without these things could you truly call yourself living? This is the question he possess onto humanity for without freedom what truly is left of yourself. He is a none believer of simply oppressing that of which you do not understand or wish to understand, therefore, he will not stand by and simply say no to someone’s freedom for whatever you chose to do with the freedom you are given is your ultimate decision that shall pave the way for whatever path you chose to dwell within.

    In addition, truly their cannot be a sense of activity and life without that of chaos and freedom for
    “There is no dark side, nor a light side
    There is only the life we live
    I will do what I must to keep the balance
    The balance is what keeps me together
    There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish
    There is passion, yet emotion
    Serenity, yet peace
    Chaos, yet order
    I am the wielder of the flame, the protector of balance
    I am the holder of the torch, lighting the way
    I am the keepr of the flame, solider of balance
    I am the guardian of balance
    I am a King of Heroes…”

    -Order: He is a strong believer of order, and likes when things stay in a nature of this of which is seemingly nothing that can be described underneath one name, for truly order is something that is ever changing and never dwelling. Therefore, as a man that attempt to never dwell within his actions nor emotions and always strive to keep the balance that was bestowed upon this world order is simply something that came natural to his liking. There truly isn’t an exact reason behind his liking for it nor is there a reason for him to dislike it which is simply yet another sign of order at work and this complexing mystery may perhaps just be the reason for his liking of it and what it can stand for or against…

    - Beauty: A combination of qualities such as shape, color, or form, which pleases the aesthetic sense, especially the sight. This may be the definition of beauty most individuals have clung to with the thought of nothing more than what is truly pleasant to one of their sights losing sight of truly what can be called beauty or beautiful, however, he views beauty as something not as simply to one self as simply that of which please sight beauty is something that can cause a different array of emotions just from the mere presence or mention of the name. It isn’t simply that of which can please most people’s sight but rather something that can truly dive into the emotions of individuals from all different backgrounds and unlock something once seemingly lost to them and make them an even greater individual, therefore, the true definition of beauty and why he enjoys it so much is for the simple fact that he truly wishes to become this person and be able to look through people like an open book and be able to form their minds into the creative and beautiful entities that once helped motivate and strive the world into a positive new order instead of the lazy and dull existence that many people allow themselves to fall within.

    - Arrogance: Arrogance is a sign of weakness and an illusion of empowerment so that one can feel as though they stand above those that are around them or may follow them, however, this truly isn’t the reason Eiyū dislikes arrogance no, the true reason is rather simple actually it is for once one becomes arrogant he views they are no longer worthy of being called a hero…

    Therefore, arrogance is the greatest annoyance and dislike that he could possibly think to tell someone if they were to ask him, although he also dislikes arrogance for the fact of what was stated above before that of being a disgrace of a trait for “heroes” to have it is also that he views it as a sign of weakness that causes nothing but mistakes and needless actions and occurrences that might have otherwise been avoidable, as well as it being an illusion of empowerment that will inevitably lead to your downfall and undoing.

    - Longevity: As an entity that has long over lived his stay among the dwellers of this world he hates the “blessing” some may call it of longevity it only can be seen to lead to a source of corruption and sloppiness as you view yourself as an everlasting being. Therefore, he truly never understood as to why the leaders of organization’s that could have been labeled as chaotic or evil would strive for something of this nature for truly it isn’t a blessing but a curse for you to witness the same mistakes that humanity has repeated since the beginning of time…

    So with his experience of the seemingly goal of others within his mind he has grown to dislike the sense or even mention of someone attempting to achieve immortality or longevity to achieve ones other goals, for if you truly cannot obtain what you wish to achieve without a since of long lasting life or immortality you are nothing more than a shadow that shall be cast upon the world if you ever truly achieve this goal. With this in mind do not confuse this hatred for longevity as a motive for Eiyū to take the lives of those attempting to achieve this however, it simply brings a shallow expression to the man as he simply frets to what drove this person to wish to watch their loved ones perish for all of eternity…

    - “World Peace”: Eiyū views this as an illusion that humanity has created for a never ending goal as to not simply dwell within the chaos that surrounds and consumes their souls and hearts, however, he believes it is an impossible and insulting thing to wish upon a world that was given free will and the never ending potential to strive towards something greater than “world peace”. However, it as a never ending thought behind the minds of humanity that shall never truly fade from within, therefore, it has grown to be a dislike of the man simply for the lack of creativity within the statement itself and creativity it would truly drain out of individuals that have the motivation and drive to protect their loved ones for with world peace comes the extinction of an emotion that helps drive so many “heroes”.

    - “I strive for something beyond the strongest, that challenging me would be the most ridiculous thought ever, that fighting me would be a sin!” : This motivation is something that may be considered the first sign of the man turning into what humanity calls an arrogant being, however, this goal and motivation is truly that of which as it states above that he can achieve a level of excellence as to which truly it would be a sin to step toward him in an attempt of combat and would swiftly be stricken from the record as anything that would be presented ever again, for if a man could truly achieve this goal than he is not simply someone titled or claiming that of King of Heroes but rather proving himself to be that of which he is called within legend and body for he would have developed a level of power that no "hero" would every truly wish to challenge unless they believed they had ascended to the same level.

    Therefore, this goal is not one of only proving his skill but having the seeming magic power and accolades to approve of the stature he claims, thus he is a man that strives for 'X' rank one of which is spoken to be of legend that of a being capable of anything that his mind could potentially aspire toward. Once this is achieved however it would not simply be the end of his journey for then he would need to prove that this simply isn't an entitlement yet again and rather something earned from hard work and dedication eliminating anyone that would simply take this as a title of power instead of something bestowed upon you to put you in league with legends to have been lost within the times...  

    - “It's useless! From here on, the path is only a One-way road!” : With the potential and motivation to achieve something as of a godly statues among the people within the earthland that of which he dwells, this motivation or goal is rather difficult and perhaps the most interesting of his motivations as to which everyone simply does away with the thought of good and evil and instead simply listens to their soul within them allowing them to rather instead of attempting to be a being that is looked up to by one side or another strive to be a great motivation or icon to both sides, therefore, truly creating that of a neutral world in which everyone truly acts upon their free will and creating a place of order yet chaos without titles and guilds but rather perhaps groups and tribes and gangs that simply do as they wish either it be saving those they deem worthy or simply taking that of which they believe to be theirs.

    - “Interesting. Then let’s put you to the test, heroes. I’ll use these bloody hands to see if you are worthy of that name!” : This motivation is rather simply and easy to explain and that is the testing of potential people or individuals that he would seemingly begin to believe are worthy of living within the world he wishes to see come to see, however, he also wishes for that to test those that wish to call themselves to "heroes" either way good or evil he wishes to see if he can once again truly stand up to the name bestowed upon him for truly if he cannot simply defeat those of a false claim or truly realize the worth that even some of the defeated may hold potential for that truly how could be be a king of anything such as that of which everyone truly looks up to within legend and that is the heroes of their realms.

    - "If I saved someone maybe I can start all over again." : The fear of saving someone isn't truly what this quote truly means but rather sacrificing the morals and ethics that he has developed over the long period of time so that for his own safety and the safety of the order that he tries to keep in line would go into disarray by saving someone at the wrong time or saving anyone at all for that matter. Therefore, he does not truly fear saving someone or the lack of ability to do so but rather that if he does he will destroy the order he and his brother have worked so hard to keep within line all of these years.

    So what this quote truly means is the potential to what it could destroy and the lack of willpower it would show if he were to ever break down and finally say this phrase for someone or something, therefore, he fears that of what he does not know and hence why he always strives to find the yet known or unknown. For if he can develop the knowledge of all that is still within this work to have been unaccounted for than his fear for this would seemingly have no reason for existence but throughout all of his life he has yet to be able to get over this fear as of yet.

    - “People have done this much to you. Sorry for taking so long...to save you.” :This fear is as serious as the one listed above for he doesn't have a fear that he shall take to long to save someone no, this fear has something of a rather underline meaning of which is truly that he fears that he will eventually fall in love with someone and it will compromise the being that he has become and strives so hard to maintain that of a true neutral being no matter of what nature though for this little adventure he had developed himself into a rather chaotic neutral entity that has now qualms with hurting those that need it done or saving those who are truly worthy of it.

    Furthermore, this fear links back to the fact of his longevity and having watched his loves over the years so he has become a being of that which does not trust easily and is rather difficult to get close to for he is tired of feeling the pain of which comes with the name of love, seemingly ending up losing all faith within the matter and truly striving to never have to deal with it again. Therefore, if it were to ever present itself once more that he would swiftly distance himself or even perhaps something more extreme as destroying even the possibility for it to arise any further than it would have appeared to already...

    - “I’ll show you that I have the power to protect!” : This is one of the more simplified fears and that is of one where he becomes truly arrogant of his abilities and loses sight of the dislike or loathing rather for arrogance that humanity has developed so willingly and easily, therefore, he attempts to use this quote as a reminder for him to never once reach this arrogance as to not simply make a fatal mistake once or horrible weak mistakes over time that would in turn evolve into his demise. Therefore, this fear truly doesn't have much else to explain within his eyes for truly it is rather self explanatory.  

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    Brilliantly written! I say...

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