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III. Warning System Rules  R48X1Xi
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    III. Warning System Rules

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    Info III. Warning System Rules

    Post by FTE God on Wed 09 Sep 2015, 3:52 pm

    III. Warning System Rules  FoQkpsz

    How does this system work?:

    The warning system operates in tallies/points you earn for breaking site rules. Depending on how many you earn, you run potential risk of chatbox and even site wide bans. So how do you obtain tallies and how many? Points vary. Simple as that. The list below shows more in depth on how the system works and how many points you may earn for every rule you break.

    • 1-25 points are given for minor offenses. An example could include ignoring the warnings of a moderator in the chatbox, advertising a single site many times, and the sort.
    • 26-50 points are given for offenses that are more serious, but not incredibly serious. Examples could include: disrespecting a moderator/administrator, refusing to change something a moderator/administrator has asked you to change, etc.
    • 51-100 points are given to members who have gone above and beyond what is deemed mild. These points are given to those who have cause severe offenses. Examples of this could include: complete disregard of what administrator/moderators are saying, complete godmod, etc.

    If you get warnings, what happens next?

    Consequences upon reaching a certain number of points goes as follows.

    • 50 Points - 24hr. Chatbox Ban
    • 100 Points - A Week Long Chatbox Ban. Staff reaching 100 points will be removed from their position. Staff that have been stripped of their position may no longer apply to staff.
    • 150 Points - 1 Day Site Ban with alternative character creation rights revoked. Chatbox rights are revoked as well.
    • The Courtroom Trial
    • 200 Points - A Week Site Ban with current Positions and future Position rights revoked.
    • 250 Points - 1 Month Site Ban.
    • The Courtroom Trial
    • 300 Points - You are permanently banned from the site both account-wise and IP-wise.

    The Courtroom:

    Having now gone over what happens when you break the rules, we now will give a rundown of the 'courtroom system' and how it works. The court system is a trial in which the member who has recieved an 'x' amount of points will be allowed to give their side of the story. Once a member is being  tried, they will be speaking towards a group of admins, mods, and developers who are chosen at random and have nothing to do with the issue being discussed as to not cause bias. The panel will be acting as jury. The member being tried may be able to call a staff member not in panel to act as their 'lawyer.' In some cases, although rare, the person may be able to ask for a regular member to speak in behalf of them. Depending on the outcome, the member being tried may have their points reduced. If not, the sentence the member has earned will be conducted. Also, keep in mind that trial will be done privately and at the discretion of the administrators, moderators, developers, and trial participants.

    All In All:

    If you have any questions relating to this system, please contact an administrator and ask. If you feel you have been wrongly punished, please wait take it up to an administrator and or wait until trial.

    Credit goes to Fairy Tail Online RP

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