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    Kazuya Fujioka


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    Completed Kazuya Fujioka

    Post by Heartsmith on Sun 01 Nov 2015, 8:24 am

    Name: Kazuya Fujioka
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: October 9th
    Race: Human
    Anything Special: Scar on his right eye through cheek

    Personality: Kazuya is a man of very little words but when it's needed to he may spout out a few words, He likes to work on machines and weapons. Most of the time he can be a little carefree and sleep whenever and wherever his soul desires. You'll most likely always see him looking at blueprints of what he would like to build next. He can be a little cold and cruel against people he doesn't know very well, But if you gain his trust he can be a very useful ally. Although he can be sucked in on his works and projects he likes to sometimes take a break and just go and drink a cup or two of coffee with his friends. If you get on his bad side he can be a real pain in the neck for whoever managed to disrespect him.

    He secretly has a collection of glass animal figurines hidden somewhere on his house, He is very protective of it specially when someone gets near it due to fear of them breaking it. He finds overly cheerful people rather annoying and has a slight dislike towards them. He can befriend them but it would be a struggle for him to take them serious so he tries to not give them much attention. Despite of whether or not he looks serious it's a little difficult to know what he's thinking. He hates to see people messing with his machines as he has most of his stuff polished.

    In battle Kazuya can be a whole different person despite of him being carefree he can be very active and protective. He tries to be as gentle as possible to the enemy rather than trying to kill them. But if the enemy did something to cross him he will show no mercy to them. He mostly fights defensive and supportive and would later let his comrades do most of the damage to the enemy.

    Vehicles: As a child he always had a fondess over car and all kinds of means of transportation specially motorcycles.
    Dogs:He has a fondness over dogs specially bigs one he would always do whatever it takes to help one in need.
    Having his stuff clean: He likes to see his property clean and hates it when people get them dirty.
    People making fun of his fears: He doesn't like other making fun of him over his fears, specially his fear of the dark.
    Crowds:He doesn't like being near a lot of people at the same time, he'd rather just stay alone or with just a few people.
    Animal cruelty:He thinks of animals being more defenseless than humans and seeing people abuse them when they can't fight back really gets his blood boiling.
    Motivations: To be strong enough to protect his friends.
    Nyctophobia: Outside he may look like a tough guy but he's actually a scaredy cat when it comes to dark, he never really liked it that much.
    Not able to save people he cares about: As stubborn as he is he's very protective of people he has bonds with and fears to ever lose them and worst him not being there to save them.
    Acrophobia: He has a very serious fear of heights, he would do whatever in his power to never go on planes, ballons or any kind of aerial vehicle.

    Height: 5ft 9in.
    Weight: 136 Lbs
    Hair color & Style: Brown, spiky on both side of head.
    Eye Color: Turquoise
    Skin Tone: Light
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:  

    Guild/Council: Blue Pegasus
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Middle of his back/Light Yellow
    Rin Moriyama
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    Completed Re: Kazuya Fujioka

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Tue 19 Jan 2016, 3:46 pm



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