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    Ashura Hambridge[Wip]

    Ashura G. Hambridge
    Ashura G. Hambridge

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    W.I.P Ashura Hambridge[Wip]

    Post by Ashura G. Hambridge on Thu 05 Nov 2015, 6:13 pm

    Ashura Hambridge[Wip] Czxk6kY

    Ashura Hambridge[Wip] YFi4oq0

    Name: Ashura Hambridge
    Age: Eighteen
    Sexuality: Straight... He thinks?
    Birthday: 10/13
    Race: Etherious
    Anything Special:Three white tattoos, one of which stretches from the middle of his chest all the way to his back, the second going form both sides of his lower body but stopping just before his groin. The third is his official marking from being "created"

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    Ashura Hambridge[Wip] BATkbMM

    Personality:(What is your character like inside AND outside of combat? at least 300 words, two paragraphs. one outside battle, the other inside battle)
    Likes:(What does your character like? At least 3 with 1 sentence as to why.)
    Dislikes:(What does your character dislike? At least 3 with 1 sentence as to why.)
    Motivations:(What are your characters motivations? At least 1 with 1 sentence as to why.)
    Fears: (What does your character fear? At least 3 with 1 sentence as to why.)

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    Height:(How tall is your character? Feet and inches please.)
    Weight:(How much does your character weigh? Please put as Lbs)
    Hair color & Style:(What color is your character's hair and how do they have it styled?)
    Eye Color:(What is the color of your character's eyes?)
    Skin Tone:(How is their skin tone? Light? Fair? Dark? Tanned?)
    Physical Appearance & Clothing: (What does your character look like? Please give clothing as well or just a picture will suffice)

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    Guild/Council:(Name of the guild your character is in or just put magic council or rune knights)
    Guild/Council Tattoo: (Where is your guild/council tattoo located and what color is it?)

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