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    R&R Time in Hosenka(Open)

    Rin Moriyama
    Rin Moriyama

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    Public R&R Time in Hosenka(Open)

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Sun 15 Nov 2015, 12:48 pm

    The train just arrived in Hosenka. The blue haired demon slayer stepped off the train with her duffle bag slung over her shoulder. She had a bright smile on her face. It had been quite some time since she'd been to Hosenka and it got her pretty excited. However, before she could run off to go exploring there was the matter of her guild members who had come along on this trip. It was a small group of about 8 blue Pegasus members. Rin turned around to face her family. "Alright everyone, this is our long awaited vacation, so have as much fun as you possibly can, okay?" She said with a wink and a smile at the end. Everyone answered excitedly. Rin nodded in satisfaction rom her guild member's response. "Alright that's that! Just remember that the hotel we're staying at is the Izuya Inn. You're to meet up in the lobby with me at 3 pm today, so you have till then to have fun. You're all free to do what you want now." With that, said everyone ran off in separate directions, and Rin was the only one left. She figured she might as well go and have some fun herself.

    Rin began walking around the spa town by herself. It was very oriental as far as appearance went and was quite nice. All around, she could smell different foods and such. Rin eventually found herself in front of a charming little shop and decided to go inside for some window shopping. Inside the shop, not only did they have pretty clothes, they had accessories and other trinkets as well. Rin's eyes lit up upon seeing what the shop had to offer. She found a gorgeous oriental dress. It was a light pink color with red flowers on it with gold trim. The sides had slits that looked like they would show off her thighs. The dress had cute puffed sleeves and a raised collar. Rin took it off the rack and decided to try it on.

    When Rin put it on and emerged from the dressing room, she could believe how cute it looked on her, delighted, Rin ended up buying it and wearing it out of the shop. Now, Rin looked like she really fit in there. She was incredibly happy with the purchase she made.

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    Public Re: R&R Time in Hosenka(Open)

    Post by FearDaNara on Sun 15 Nov 2015, 4:54 pm

    Hosenka! A town famous for it's comfortable spas, the most delicious and well put together delicacies, and it's all around soothing tone. Many different people can be seen from couples holding hands, families of four, and people strolling down the sidewalk, trying to get lucky. Many different people, both natives and others from all over has come out to enjoy themselves here, including a certain white haired mage, who was casually walking down a sidewalk with his arms folded behind his head.

    The lightning molding mage was wearing a short sleeved black hoodie with a zipper, a white short sleeved t-shirt under it as you can see a bit of the sleeves peeking out of the hoodie's sleeve with black cargo pants and black sneakers. His Crime Sorc guild tattoo which can normally be seen on the front of his left shoulder was now covered under the hoodie. He casually looked around at his surroundings, observing the many locals of this town, but he has noticed some wearing a Blue Pegasus tattoo on their bodies which raised Shadow's suspicions a little. He did what he usually does with his suspicions and shrugs them off. It's not really his concern, and he is not much in a fighting mood this day. No, this day is for rest and relaxation not some random street brawl which would be pretty amusing. Shadow snickered a little to himself while he thought about his past battles.

    Shadow stopped in his track as something caught his eyes. It was a little shop which had window displays of clothes and trinkets that caught his eyes. He slowly walked up to the window and looked at what was on display. His eyes then were greeted by an interesting looking locket, which was shaped like a lightning bolt. Shadow's eyes sparkled as he couldn't believe he was seeing. A locket that looks like lightning! Shadow grinned, showing off his wolf like fangs before he darted into the shop. "Hey good sir. How much for one of those lightning shaped lockets?" Shadow asked the cashier with a calm look on his face as he tried to keep cool and not freak out about the locket he was about to buy. The cashier shook his head and told the neutral mage that there aren't anymore left in this town. "Uhh....What about the one on display? Can I buy that one." The man shook his head once again and said that one was for display only. Shadow's calm attitude slowly started to change to one of irritation. "But...It's a locket....that looks like lightning. Surely there is some kind of agreement we co-" Before Shadow could finish, the cashier told him that it wasn't for sale.

    "Then why would you display it on the window like that!? It's like giving a kid a balloon then popping it a few seconds later!! Or a sandwich with no meat!!" Shadow growled a little as he argued with the cashier, making a scene. He really does love lightning and lightning looking things.


    Public Re: R&R Time in Hosenka(Open)

    Post by Guest on Mon 16 Nov 2015, 7:46 am

    Rangoon was wondering around Hosenka. He lately had nothing to do, very low amount of work, his family was starting to understand the way to work peacefully with no legal issues at all. Anyway, Rangoon had a day off and decided to pass a nice day in Hosenka before returning home. He didn't like to be seen in public though, so he was using his disguise. It wasn't actually disguise, but only those who actually knew him from many many years ago, which most of them were dead already, would recognize him in that form. He looked like a blond kid with a green shirt and a  pair of jeans. It was himself, but much younger than now. He looked as if he still was around 18 years old, this was what he most loved of his magic, the actual power to stay young.

    He was walking through the street when he spotted a young lady in a light pink dress. He easily recognized her face, it was Rin Moriyama, one of the youngest Guild Masters, maybe even the actual youngest. Rangoon walked towards her to have some to talk with, but he's way towards her was interrupted by a discussion in a nearby store. He would just look for her later or just find something else to do, but even if he wasn't sure, the argument was a bit loud and he didn't want that to get out of control. He walked inside the store and saw a young kid arguing with the cashier. Rangoon walked slowly towards them and stopped at the kid's left side. "Sir, how much do you want for that locket? I can pay any amount for that." He said trying to fix the situation and looked at the kid. "Do you really want that kid?" He actually said acting like an older person. He was actually more than 100 years, so it was normal for him to act like that, even if he actually had to act as a 18 year old. Rangoon turned his gaze towards the man again waiting for an answer. He didn't wait for long before the man explained the inconvenience. Rangoon decided to interrupt him before he could continue with those things. Most things had a prize, and at least that necklace did. "If you really want that kid, I'll offer that man 100,000 jewels for it, it' nothing I can't afford." And that was true, as the leader of the Lamia Family, it wasn't something he really needed. He had enough money to buy that locket for the kid.

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    R&R Time in Hosenka(Open) Harutora2

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