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    The History of Rainia

    Rainia Ciel
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    W.I.P The History of Rainia

    Post by Rainia Ciel on Mon 16 Nov 2015, 4:49 pm

    Character History:

    History: Rainia was not born, but created. She was created in Ethereal Créer, a secret place isolated from the rest of the world. It was focused on creating and experimenting on Etherious beings. Rainia was created by strong magic energy. She was now one of those Etherious beings whom they would preform experiments on. If you wanted to sum up the experience in one word, it would be that it was torture. Pure torture. Rainia would never suffer as much pain as she did there for the rest of her life. They tested different magics on Rainia. They tested her resistance, her allergies, her magic capabilities, her combative capabilities. They tested just about anything you can imagine. They even tested if she could fly with wings like some Etherious beings could do. They tested her ability to fight in the worst way. Heck, they tested everything in the worst way.

    Rainia had one friend in Ethereal Créer. His name was Ainiar. Ainiar was actually the twin to Rainia. Ainiar grew at a faster rate then Rainia though. Not only that, but Ainiar overall, was a better Etherious being then her. He had greater resistances to magic, a greater magic capacity, could use more powerful magics, and had retractable wings. Great, powerful wings that he could use to fly wherever he wanted to at great speeds. His physical capabilities were also off the charts. Rainia was jealous though of her brother. He didn't seem to be tested as hard and was occasionally allowed to roam around outside of Ethereal Créer. Of course, he was only allowed to be within a 1,000 meter radius of it, but he was still allowed outside. He wasn't allowed to take Rainia though, which was disappointing to Rainia. She didn't know if Ainiar felt the same, or if he just didn't care how he felt. After all, they were Etherious. Who knew if the emotions they felt were even true?

    The History of Rainia Rainsi10

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