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    Sandstorm Magic

    Sans Leonidas
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    W.I.P Sandstorm Magic

    Post by Sans Leonidas on Mon 16 Nov 2015, 5:07 pm

    Name of Magic; Sandstorm Magic
    Type/Subtype of Magic; Caster
    Current Rank; D
    Description; This magic was born from the deepest parts of the desert. It isn't a lost magic, more of an obscure spin-off of Sand Magic. It is a versatile magic where the user is capable of creating, manipulating, and changing into sand in application. The magic is able to create large constructs such as walls or statues. It can also be used to create decoys or fool the opponent by manipulating their surroundings with the sand.

    When using the magic, the user conjures sand spiraling in his hands like a sandstorm. From there he uses it in any way shape or form, whether it be molding it into a construct or firing it at an opponent for some damage.
    + Can be used for both offensive and Defensive
    + Considered as Earth Magic so strong against Fire and Air
    + Able to turn user's body into sand

    - Considered Earth Magic so can be eaten by Slayers
    - Weak to water and plant Magic
    - allies can get swept up in the sand
    * Earth Magic does 10% less damage to user
    * User is able to move through sand 10% faster
    * Sand remain even after spell has deactivated. ((wall of sand will just turn into a pile of sand instead of dissipating after the spell wears off.))

    Name of Spell; Sand Sphere
    Type; Earth; Defensive
    Rank; D
    Description;  User encases them self or the enemy in an orb made of sand. This sand is as tough as hard rock and is capable of withstanding a single C rank attack and two D rank attacks.
    +Protects user and comrades
    +Takes half damage from Fire and Air Magic
    + Can be used to hold enemies in place if used on opponent

    - Weak to water and plant magic
    -Can only stop a single C rank
    - User is unable to see outside of the orb without compromising the defense some how
    Effects; 2 post Duration, 3 post cooldown

    Name of Spell; Sand Spears
    Type; Earth; Offensive
    Rank; D
    Description; Using Sandstorm magic the user forms as much as 7 long spear-like object with the sand. Once it is formed the user fires it at the enemy hoping to impale them.
    Information; 1 post duration// 2 post cooldown
    + Quick offensive attack
    + Does more damage to Fire magic
    + Can be used for mid-range assault

    - Can easily be eaten by Earth Slayer
    - Does half damage to plant Magic
    - Hard to target long range opponents

    Name of Spell; Sand Clones
    Type; Earth; Suplementary
    Rank; D
    Description;  Using his sand the user would create a statue of themself and use their sand to move it like a normal person. This clone would be able to look sound and move like the user. All spells they use come from the user's reserves. They can be easily destroyed by 2 D-rank spells or 1 C-rank
    Information; 4 post Duration if not destroyed// 5 post cool down
    + Great distraction
    + Can be used to attack foes from multiple different sides
    + Can be used to trap enemies

    -Can be destroyed by D-rank water or plant spells
    - Can be eaten by a slayer
    - Uses user's reserves for their spells


    Name of Spell; Sand Trap
    Type; Earth; Supplementary
    Rank; D
    Description; The user is able to turn the entire battlefield within a 20 meter radius into sand. This is mostly used to enhance their spells while also inhibiting the user's movement. This is used to throw enemies off their game enabling the user to get a few quick shots in the fight.
    Information; 3 post duration (for debuff)/ 5 post cooldown
    + Lowers opponent's speed by 20%
    + Creates an environment that benefits sand magic and lowers cool down of D-rank sand magic by 1
    + Can be used to trip up opponents and help a good escape

    - Can be eaten by Slayers
    - Can be washed away by water Magic
    - Has no actual offensive presence at all.

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