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    Mako's History


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    Completed Mako's History

    Post by Mako on Thu 19 Nov 2015, 11:16 am

    Character History:

    History:His whole life he only ever had one goal and now Mako would find himself comfortably seated atop the shoulders of giants. He wanted for nothing as he had already achieved all that he had ever desired, and he accomplished it without the help of those trash guilds. What good was a guild? They just got in the way and impeded true innovation, and true strength. Ignore the countless strangers and allies that he had to step on to achieve this strength as they were far to weak to be seen as necessary. His powers had reached a pinnacle, a level of strength that was unrivaled by even the ten wizard saints or Chaos lords. He was the master of Darkness, and now the world was his to control, and his to form in any way that he saw fit. At least thats what he thought...

    Until he came in contact with those meddling Light guilds, He was in the act of unleashing a great force unto the world and rendering it his to control until all of a sudden they stepped in. Mako put up a glorious fight and snuffed the life from many of those who opposed him though all in all his plan was foiled and all for naught. They had stopped him and humiliated him, and he didn't even know which guild it was that brought his world crumbling down, he didn't truly care either. He was defeated, a wounded animal with nothing to live for. He begged the Guild Master for mercy wanting him to take his life. It was then that he looked upon the battlefield and saw the chaos he had unleashed, and for the first time in years, he felt remorse as a pang of guilt rushed through him and he begged for death, a release from the terrible crimes he had committed. His eyes opened as if he were no longer possessed by a demon, and now all he felt was sadness.

    It would seem the Guild Master could see the sadness in the mans eyes, and felt pity so instead the guild master had offered him a penance worse than death. Mako was now kneeling in front of the mysterious stranger and begged for death, as the stranger sapped him of all of his magic, rendering him incapable of casting or making Magic. " I have removed the darkness from you completely, you will never use that magic again, additionally you may find this a good moment to actually find something to live for other than magic. Go find yourself child," The mysterious stranger would say as he left the slumped form of Mako alone on the battlefield and would tend to his wounded. Mako did not move from that position for many days, in a catatonic state dealing with the truths that he had received at the hands of his enemy.

    He found that he had a knack for holder magic despite having been relieved of his abilities and developed a knew style of magic in which he utilized staves with many different abilities, Many years later Mako had searched and found that power did not matter, it was truly having allies around you that you cared about and that cared about you. He unfortunately had not found anyone who he could even get along with, until the day that he met Kenshin. A lone etherius who challenged him to a fight, and it was in that fight that a brotherly bond was formed. From that day on he would travel with Kenshin having found a new dedication in his life. They would join a guild and the rest would be history for now. Mako now determined to carve a new name for himself in the annals of history and separate Kenshin and himself from their peers. He would also use his knowledge to prevent his new friend from traveling down the same road that he once walked,


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