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    Crime Sorciere Introductions


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    Crime Sorciere Introductions Empty Crime Sorciere Introductions

    Post by Mako on Wed 25 Nov 2015, 11:10 pm

    Crime Sorciere Introductions Simbolo_del_gremio_crime_sorciere_by_helenha-d4r324p

    <a href="http://cooltext.com"><img src="http://images.cooltext.com/4525221.png" width="695" height="102" alt="A Guild Steeped in Shadow..." /></a>

    No one truly knows the history of Crime Sorciere, having been established for quite some time, rumor has it that it was first created as a guild for Ex Dark Guild Members who wanted to atone for their sins.  The members of this guild are not often heard about and stay off the radar, so much so, that their exploits are virtually unknown to the Realm of Fiore.  The Guild had started gaining prominence, doing deeds similar to a Dark Guild, but then fell back into secrecy when the newest Guild master, The Shadow King.

    <a href="http://cooltext.com"><img src="http://images.cooltext.com/4525234.png" width="833" height="98" alt="From the Shadows Balance is Kept..." /></a>

    The members of this Guild hold no affiliation to any organization besides the Guild itself, though often forming momentary alliances with nearly every Guild and organization in Fiore.  As is usual with Independent guilds they tend to reflect the beliefs of the Guild Master.  Freedom, the hardest ideal to hold and maintain. Freedom for all, and freedom for those within.  The freedom to choose your path and decide your future, to decide the future.

    However, among the belief of freedom and choice, the guild has a dedication to Maintaining balance throughout the realms.  To keep a balance, and as long as there is maintained balance the guild serves as watchers from the Shadows, keeping an ever watchful eye on the state of the realm.

    <a href="http://cooltext.com"><img src="http://images.cooltext.com/4525245.png" width="942" height="103" alt="A Court of Shadows and Night Walkers..." /></a>

    Members joining Crime Sorciere are simply expected to maintain the beliefs of the guild.  Aspiring toward Neutrality and freedom.  This belief attracts many individuals from many walks of life, especially those who do not feel at home in the large cities or Legal Guilds.  

    There are 2 categories of members, The Shadow Court, the hands of the guild who have the authority to represent the Guild in a given situation. These members are allowed to wear their Guild tattoos openly. (All Player Characters are considered Shadow Court members, unless of course they choose to be otherwise) The second are the Night Walkers, these members typically do not act as representatives of the guild, though they still have the freedom to choose their own path.  For that Night Walkers typically hide their guild tattoo. (Any NPC is considered a Night Walker, only Players have Access to the Shadow Court)

    The Guild is so secretive that even seeing the tattoo does not warrant anyone knowing your affiliation.  Only under special circumstances would anyone actually know you are a member of Crime Sorciere.

    <a href="http://cooltext.com"><img src="http://images.cooltext.com/4525251.png" width="488" height="97" alt="The Shadow King..." /></a>

    Crime Sorciere Introductions 507edcfbedb072c4d4399c0660dcfdaf2013ffb5

    <a href="http://cooltext.com"><img src="http://images.cooltext.com/4525255.png" width="242" height="80" alt="The Court..." /></a>

    Crime Sorciere Introductions Latest?cb=20111002031444

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