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    Sōrushadō Akuma

    Sōrushadō Akuma

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    Completed Sōrushadō Akuma

    Post by Sōrushadō Akuma on Thu 26 Nov 2015, 5:01 pm

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    Name:Sōrushadō Akuma, or Soul Shadow Demon (Nickname: Konton)
    Birthday:March 5th
    Race: Demi-Demon
    Anything Special: When enraged he is has two horns on his head. When in his regular form he has 3 scars spiraling across his entire right arm. (They are glow when he uses magic)

    Sōrushadō Akuma BATkbMM

    Personality: Outside of combat, Konton is kind of crazy but very controlled still. He is very angry still. He is not very lucky so he his picked on and bullied a lot. Most of the ones that do so are the ones that think they can. Sometimes they shouldnt have. Konton is very rebellious, but then again, what 13 year old isnt? He has very severe mood changes. That is probably because he has bipolar autism. He can change moods in three seconds. He has to stay active or else he loses energy and begins to lose magic power. He gets very angry at whoever wakes him up in the morning. He is kind or chaotic. So chaotic  that he is needs to be alone for a couple hours a day. He also never wants to stop moving.
    Now for inside of combat. He has never really been in combat before but he knows how to fight. Kind of. Not Really the best fighter currently, but all you have to do is give him a chance, and he’ll take it. Okay so his battle strategy is a strange one. He will strike at every weak point, at every strong point, everywhere, just to win the fight. There is no controlled strike, it is a chaotic tornado of claws, teeth, and fists.  He is quite literally a storm of chaos. But he is very weak at the moment, so one good hit on him and he is out of the fight. But dont count him out for long. He will keep going even if he is injured, as long as he is angry enough. Oh one thing i forgot to mention. Konton is not fueled by energy or the like. He is fueled by anger. And he will keep going until he is no longer anger filled. (He hasnt unlocked his enraged form yet.)

    Fighting: He likes fighting because he likes to keep moving and never stop.
    Chaos: He likes chaos because he doesnt like anything to be the same as it was before.
    Magic: He likes magic because it will make him more powerful.


    Order: He hates order because it is always the same never different, and he hates things that never change.
    Being Patient: He hates being patient because sometimes it disables him from moving, and he has to move!
    Demon-Slayers: Well obviously he hates the things he is weak against, and for here that is Demon-Slayers.

    Motivations: He is motived by anger towards the Wizard Saints and the Magic Council.

    He is fearful towards those more powerful than himself.
    He is also fearful towards those who are dangerously close to insanity because they would and could do anything to him.
    His biggest fear is towards water. He is deathly afraid of water and will avoid it unless there is no other choice.

    Sōrushadō Akuma SqttsRj

    Height: Regular: 5 feet and 8 inches Enraged: 7 feet
    Weight: Regular: 100 lbs. Enraged: 340 lbs.
    Hair color & Style: Regular: White and messy Enraged: None
    Eye Color: Regular: Pinkish Purplish Enraged: Red
    Skin Tone: Regular: Tanned Enraged: Charcoal Black
    Physical Appearance & Clothing: a
    Regular Form”:
    Sōrushadō Akuma Latest?cb=20140514184636
    Enraged Form”:
    Sōrushadō Akuma 1227331-bigthumbnail

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    Guild/Council Tattoo: On the right upper stomach and it is Purple
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    Completed Re: Sōrushadō Akuma

    Post by Kita Nanase on Thu 26 Nov 2015, 5:25 pm

    Alrighty Everything seems to be in order here.


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