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    Romulus Lupin (Fenris Nocturnum)


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    Completed Romulus Lupin (Fenris Nocturnum)

    Post by BlueRoseRebel on Fri 27 Nov 2015, 5:31 pm

    Romulus Lupin (Fenris Nocturnum) Czxk6kY

    Romulus Lupin (Fenris Nocturnum) YFi4oq0

    Name: Romulus Lupin (Real Name: Fenris Nocturnum)
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Birthday: 03/27
    Race: Celestial Spirit
    Contractor: Mitsuki Akiyama
    Anything Special: Hair gets messier as he releases more and more of his magic power

    Romulus Lupin (Fenris Nocturnum) BATkbMM

    Personality: A laid back and relaxed person, he doesn’t spend much time around people. He is a casual drinker and is a bit of a ladies man. As he hits on a lot of women, people tend to see him as promiscuous but he simply chooses the wrong approach to finding a serious relationship. In his life he is just searching for people that he can be close to, as he grew up with just his adopted brother. They trained together, so he is a bit obsessed with improving his strength in honor of his now deceased brother. He uses his strength to protect those he cares about and will do almost anything to make sure no harm comes to them. His desire for strength means that he will never refuse a challenge, no matter the odds. Despite his identity as a Celestial Spirit, he finds himself drawn to the mortal plane of existence and much prefers to spend time there. He will go as long as he is able to in the mortal plane to enjoy as much as he can, and to get as much exposure to other people as he can. He is very proud of his heritage, yet only his contractor knows his real name, Fenris Nocturnum.
    In battle, he does his best to stay level headed. But, just as his hair does, his personality gets more and more wild the more power he releases. When he starts a fight he chooses a closed stance with very little movement. In the stance he uses his Howl spells, spells much like a Dragon Slayer's roar. As the fight progresses, he slowly opens up and uses speed and extreme momentum to increase the strength of his signature moves, his Claw spells. The move is a punch with dark magic. Even later in the fight, he will utilize his Wing spells that increases his movement speed, and allow him to appear to have very limited flight. These spells remind him of his brother's affinity to birds, so Romulus uses them with less reckless abandon than he has with his other spells. He is reckless in fights that he cannot finish quickly, that combined with his desire to fight alone to protect others, and his lack of support magic, he puts himself in life threatening situations quite often. His leadership abilities are nonexistent as he simply tells others to simply leave. He isn't a very good follower either. He rebels against orders the second he feels that someone on his team is in danger. He does work remarkably well in a team of two because of his time with his brother, however. This duo attitude serves him well as a spirit as well, as it lets him work exceptionally well with whoever has summoned him, though he may still exert his own free will to rebel against certain orders.
    He enjoys spending time near rivers, as that is where he and his brother grew up. This also means he cares deeply for nature as a whole, and will protect it at all costs from any he sees as an enemy.
    He drinks, never to excess, as he just likes feeling a bit blurry around the edges. Not a deep reason there.
    He enjoys training and fighting more than any human would, as he has a bit of an obsession with becoming stronger and gaining honor.
    He detests anyone who doesn't value their comrades or family.
    He doesn't like anyone that doesn't put out their complete effort, especially if that person is an opponent.
    Doesn't like food except for vegetables, noodles,  and rice. He does this to suppress the more feral side of his magic, and embrace the more noble side.
    He wishes to be as strong as possible without using the more feral side of his magic. He does this so that he can keep the memory of his brother in his heart, and makes sure that he stays someone that his brother would be proud of.
    His secondary goal is to make connections with new people, including a team in his guild, friends, and, hopefully, a long term relationship. He wants this so he can fill the severe lack of human interaction he has had his entire life.
    He wishes to become as strong as his body can physically become, to show everyone the true power of the soul and emotions.
    He fears losing those he cares about. This stems from him losing his brother at a young age, and extends to his fear of being too weak and his fear of his comrades being hurt.
    He fears that he will lose control of his powers and hurt his team or guild mates, as his magic stems directly from his emotional state. Though this in no way would prevent him from protecting himself or others he cared for.
    He fears that the sins he commits, the lives he takes, will one day catch up to him, no matter how justified the sin was. This is because he doesn't want to be someone his brother would be ashamed or afraid of.

    Romulus Lupin (Fenris Nocturnum) SqttsRj

    Face Claim:
    Romulus Lupin (Fenris Nocturnum) Tumblr_me5t44yRLc1r24x3so1_1280

    Height: 6 feet no inches
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Hair color & Style: Shaggy white hair, normally swept messily over his left eye, or swept back when he wishes to show peace
    Eye Color: Brilliant crimson
    Skin Tone: Very pale white skin
    Physical Appearance & Clothing: He is slim with slight muscle definition all over his body, but is in no way muscular. He wears an all black outfit consisting of a black V neck shirt with no left sleeve and a half sleeve on the right, black sleeveless trench coat the back of which is split from his shoulder blades down (the sides of which lift up in an almost wing like fashion whenever he uses a Wing spell), black silk pants that flare at the bottom, and no shoes.

    Romulus Lupin (Fenris Nocturnum) Ow9Aqjr

    Guild/Council: Seirei
    Guild/Council Tattoo: N/A
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    Completed Re: Romulus Lupin (Fenris Nocturnum)

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    Romulus Lupin (Fenris Nocturnum) BCRJg3f

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