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    Elise Von Drachenberg

    Elise V. Drachenberg

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    Completed Elise Von Drachenberg

    Post by Elise V. Drachenberg on Sun 29 Nov 2015, 11:08 pm

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    Name: Elise Von Drachenberg
    Age: 23 (in appearance) 330 in reality (open for a more fitting dragon age) she is supposed to be along the 'young adult' age for a dragon)
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Birthday: 20 January
    Race: Dragon-Kin
    Anything Special: Unlike most Dragon-kin Elise tends to resemble an ordinary human in appearance. However, if she becomes agitated she starts showing her dragonic features.

    Elise Von Drachenberg BATkbMM

    The first, and perhaps most obvious thing that one might notice when interacting with Elise is the fact that the young woman's personality is vastly different depending on the situation one encounters her in. The reason behind this is related to the ancient spell that was cast upon her. When someone first meets Elise they would likely be surprised to find out that she’s one who has been once called an 'bringer of disaster' due to her aggressive tendencies. Despite being surrounded by such a gloomy rumors Elise is a walking bag of cheerfulness, often found with a smile on her lips and a hearty laugh when dealing with others. Elise is often prone to show an understanding demeanor that shows curiosity and interest at the things people like to discuss with her. This is often because of the foreign nature of those things, a result of the years of imprisonment.

    Loyalty seems to be a rather important virtue that Elise holds, and she seems to uphold this virtue quite strongly. She believes that true strength is drawn from the connections between friends and family, and while it's undeniable that her loyalty is first and foremost toward a certain individual, she seems to hold the existence of her friends almost just as high.

    To speak more about darker things, Elise is a spiteful person once she's crossed. While it's difficult to stir her wrath the girl's known to act like an obsessed hunter to inflict equal misery upon the one who is the target of her ire. However, while not as dark as the earlier subject Elise is slightly perverted in nature, especially toward girls she is the type of person who wouldn't hesitate to fill a conversation with some silly innuendos or playful flirting.

    However, people who have faced Elise in combat know the existence of another side of her. Almost like an alter-ego, there is the side of her that was once known as Melinda the Black Serpent. Melinda is known to be far more arrogant and prideful, and although she is clever and intelligent the fact that she is so impulsive often leads her to be compared to a Berserker on terms of combat style. While Elise in combat initially displays a more restrained way of fighting, the more she allows her true nature to take control, the more aggressive and violent she becomes. Finally neither Elise or Melinda seem to be the type to willingly slay an enemy once they are properly defeated. Breaking them is one thing, but Elise dislikes mindless killing, and Melinda takes more delight in having an enemy obtain a grudge they want to settle someday.

    A rather peculiar thing for someone to enjoy. While most people often say that rain is a source of gloominess Elise finds it a comforting, peaceful and pleasant thing to feel and watch. Rain cleanses the taint that nature has to endure, and it's somewhat pleasant to feel it pour down onto her body.

    Although she loves flying in the sky even more, there is something soothing about watching the seemingly infinite horizon that stretches before her. Even more lovely is the sight of the sky when it's filled with stars.

    Elise loves books, it's one of the various ways she can learn about the events that unfolded during her long slumber.

    Needless Violence:
    A peculiar dislike for one like her, but Elise's awareness of the violent side she possesses often makes her wary about getting into a conflict. While she is not the type to ignore the plight of a friend or companion, she prefers to avoid confrontations.

    A dragon needs meat! Meat, meat and lots of meat! Well fish is also okay but Elise's meals need to involve at least 80% meat in quantity. She's a dragon not a rabbit.

    Are you going to ask Elise to turn her breath onto 40 degrees? The poor girl has zero cooking skills unless it involves raw meat or over-roasted.

    Elise is often haunted by nightmares of her violent periods, she obviously dislikes them...

    Elise wants to redeem herself by becoming a noteworthy guardian of the world. She might had destroyed a whole settlement and killed her fair share of slayers, but perhaps the act of becoming someone capable of saving others might lead her to pay for the crimes she committed.

    Search and Rescue:
    Elise is aware someone cast a curse onto her that drove her into those periods of madness. Fortunately for her the mage who tried to save her told her about the fact there might be a cure. However, for that to be possible she needs to find a compatible person, or a 'Soul Mate' or whatever those weird humans call those individuals.

    Consumed by Madness:
    Elise's greatest fear is to have her dragon self be consumed entirely by the curse that stirs her into those violent outbursts.

    Once a monster, always a monster:
    Although the magic cast upon her might have given her a human look, Elise worries whether people will ever see her as anything more than a bringer of disaster after the events that led to the settlement's destruction.

    Elise Von Drachenberg SqttsRj

    Height:6' 2"
    Weight: 155lbq
    Hair color & Style: Blond hair, kept into a long ponytail
    Eye Color: Blue
    Skin Tone: Light
    Physical Appearance & Clothing: 

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    Guild/Council: Rune Knight Defense Division
    Guild/Council Tattoo: If the knights have a Tattoo hers would be located on her back. Dark blue in color~

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    Completed Re: Elise Von Drachenberg

    Post by FearDaNara on Mon 30 Nov 2015, 1:10 pm

    Hello Elise. ^^ I will be looking over your character. Everything seems fine, but you have to choose which guild your character is going to be in and where your tattoo will be located as well as the color. We are not doing guildless atm. Reply with a Bump once you have made the changes. ^^


    Character Gender : Male Jewels Jewels : 73531
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    Age : 23

    Completed Re: Elise Von Drachenberg

    Post by FearDaNara on Mon 30 Nov 2015, 3:12 pm

    Elise Von Drachenberg CbCoOZx

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    Completed Re: Elise Von Drachenberg

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