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    Sebastian Santora

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    Completed Sebastian Santora

    Post by Karlos Baron on Mon 30 Nov 2015, 9:42 pm

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    Name:Sebastian Santora
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: December 15th
    Race: Human
    Anything Special: Scars on the palms of his hands

    Sebastian Santora BATkbMM

    Personality: Sebastian has learned in his short life to not trust anyone, the mage is often seen alone and silent, he isn't one to make friends and isn't one to start a conversation unless absolutely necessary. Even in his guild he is barely ever seen talking and communicates in a mixture of grunts and head movements, even if he was to be paired with someone he would only say absolutely necessary information. He was hurt a lot when he was younger and not being able to recover, he never grew out of it, leading him to the way he is today. The blonde is only nineteen years old but still he acts as though he has lived double that life and can often be misunderstood as being smug or arrogant.

    In battle he acts almost the same but with just a slight difference, a smile is usually on his face when the young mage battles. As soon as he pulls out his bull whip and cracks it for the first time in the battle, the smile usually stays on his face up until the end or until he feels as though he is in true danger. Being brought up on the streets and having to fight every day for food, Sebastian has found himself loving the smell of a battle and the feeling he has when he fights. Whether it is a fight with magic or with his fists the feeling is the same.

    When things get rough and the only option is to run, Sebastian tries to always be the person in the back. Not because he is slow but because if something is going to happen then he wants to be the first do go down, even if it buys his allies only a few seconds the young mage will do all he can in order to protect those around him.

    Once he is double crossed or betrayed, that person or group is added to his list, Sebastian lives for revenge, he aims to get revenge on those people who made his life hell. He will not die happily until those who hurt him are destroyed and shown the same pain he was forced to endure as a child.
    Quiet: Sebastian is always thinking, there is always something on his mind and when things are not quiet he finds it hard to focus on those things.
    Small animals: Sebastian is a friendly man, he may not have had much of a childhood growing up but he has always loved animals even in his dark times. To be able to help an animal always brings a smile to his face.
    Vengeance: Sebastian doesn’t love anything else in the world as much as he loves getting vengeance for the things people have done to him.
    Noise/Loud People: Sebastian likes to meditate and be in complete silence, when people are loud or there are loud noises around he gets annoyed.
    Dictators: People who believe they are entitled to more than they are worth and people who believe others are beneath them.
    Heat: Summer is his least favourite month, Sebastian likes to wear coats and warm clothes and summer ruins that for him.
    Revenge: The one thing that motivates Sebastian in life is the face that he knows he will be able to one day get revenge for his family.  
    Scalding Hot Objects: When he was younger Sebastian was tortured and one of the worst things was the burning hot objects he was forced to touch until his hands bled.
    Watching Allies die: Sebastian would sooner sacrifice himself and die first before seeing any of his allies die.
    Unable to perform his revenge: Sebastian fears that he will die before he can enact his revenge on those who hurt him.
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    Height: 5 feet 11 Inches.
    Weight: 160lbs
    Hair color & Style: Sebastian has short blonde hair that is well groomed and straight, with a small cowlick at the front.
    Eye Color:Blue eyes
    Skin Tone:Fair
    Physical Appearance & Clothing: He often wears a green coat in the colder weather but when it's hot he walks around in a short sleeve shirt or even a singlet but no matter what he the weather he wears long blue jean pants. If it is overly he, Sebastian is not afraid to just go shirtless but will usually just wear a Singlet.
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    Guild/Council: Crime Sorcière
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Left Shoulder and its colour is Orange
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    Completed Re: Sebastian Santora

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Tue 01 Dec 2015, 10:19 am

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