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    Blessing of the Dragon

    Elise V. Drachenberg

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    W.I.P Blessing of the Dragon

    Post by Elise V. Drachenberg on Mon 30 Nov 2015, 9:51 pm

    Name of Magic; Blessing of the Dragon
    Type/Subtype of Magic; Take-Over
    Current Rank; SS
    While most individuals deploy Take-Over magic to transform their body, or parts of it into that of a stronger entity Elise does the opposite. By allowing the restrains on her magic to loosen she is able to revert more and more into her ancient form, that of a dragon. It's rather interesting to note that if a Take-Over Mage uses this type of magic they will often find themselves developing a certain affinity toward an element, or rather a 'dragon' type. Those are usually similar to the elements a mage might possess. More on this will be explained in the traits section.

    -Elise is capable of letting her magic consume certain parts of her body to grant her powerful boosts in combat capacities.
    -Due to Elise's ability to take on a hybrid form she is capable of passively flying as long as her wings remain functional.
    -Due to her origins Elise is able to transform into two potential 'elemental types' Ice and 'Corrupted'.

    -In her Ice Affinity Elise gains the elemental resistances an ice element might get, Aside from increased damage from fire I'll leave the remaining affinities for staff to decide~)
    -Her corrupted affinity causes her to be akin to a dark (or rather a none-elemental) element. While she takes base damage from most elements (so ignoring the elemental advantage/disadvantages), holy/celestial magic will count the same as dragon slayer magic to her.

    -Elise is vulnerable toward Dragon Slayer magic, to the point that in a full transformation she takes double damage from it compared to normal.
    -Elise can only maintain three boosts at a time, anything more will trigger a total take-over.
    -The more she transforms her body, the less control she has over herself. Starting from two boosts Elise will steadily fall under the influence of the curse, all the way until she gets a full 'corruption' at a full take-over. (This means that Elise goes Berserker mode). This effect can be partly reduced if Elise's chosen one is present, allowing her to retain control, but at a significantly weaker power.

    -Elise passively possesses the ability of flight, and a rather 'chilly' touch if she transforms into a partly transformation.

    Name of Spell; Dragon Scales
    Type; Take-Over
    Rank; D-rank
    One of the basic spells available to Elise. By letting the restrains on her magic loosen she is able to allow her body to regain the tough scales that dragons are known for, covering her body like armor would.

    -Temporarily boosts Elise's Endurance by 10 points
    -Physical attacks (that aren't enhanced by magic) will do less damage

    -If Ice affinity is chosen fire will deal increased damage, but ice will be reduced
    -Dragon slayer magic deals more damage than normally
    -Mana regeneration ceases till the partial transformations are ended.

    Duration: As long as maintained
    Cooldown: Two posts from point of cancel
    Effect: Self

    WIP while I wait for Ri~Ri's advice.

    The idea is that Elise her 4 D-rank spells are partial transformations. They each boost a stat, and automatically stop Elise's mana regen. It's mean tot show her hybrid form, so I don't mind nerfing the effects due to the long duration. But it obviously is going to need some work ^^

    On terms of elemental affinity Elise is a 'corrupted ice dragon' so she can either develop ice traits, or corrupted form (what I imagine like a undeath dragon, just without death magic or that crazy powers =3)

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