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    Completed Chelline

    Post by Chelline on Tue 01 Dec 2015, 1:22 pm

    Name: Chelline Cross
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Gay
    Birthday: December 31st
    Race: Fairy
    Anything Special: She has two puncture scars on her neck.

    Chelline isn't like most dark mages, her only reason to be one is that her magic can control her emotions in which cause her to lose control if not careful. She is bitter sweet where she can be kind but mean at the same time. She cares deeply for those that show her affection and can tend to push them away if they get too close. She hides the fact she is a part of Succubus Eye from everyone around her other than her home underground. She is easily persuaded by people she cares about by simple amorous acts. With all regards she is submissive but she never lets it show. She likes to tease people and sometimes just get in the way just for a laugh or two. But if she makes someone cry other than when she loses control she will go to a private area and beat herself up for a while.

    Once Chelline is angry, she wants to burn everything that gets in her way. Her temper can be short and she has to use magical items to control it at times. She will use every single cheap tactic to even kicking up sand in hopes to get it in peoples eyes. She becomes merciless and cold while never even giving those who attack her a chance to defend themselves if she could help it. She isn't much of a leader nor a follower and she tends to go off and do her own thing, which gets her into a lot of trouble with her guild. She couldn't care less though as when she is angry even her guild tends to avoid her. Once she regains control over her emotions she locks herself away for up to two days so that she can regain her composure and think about what she has done.
    - Chelline loves writing in her journal on her off time.
    - She also enjoys writing and singing music for people.
    - Chelline also is attracted to women but keeps it a secret.
    - She hates people making her angry.
    - She finds the taste of seafood disgusting.
    - She absolutely loathes it when people out her secrets/read her journal.
    - Chellines' sole motivation is to find her place in the world.
    - Chelline is absolutely afraid of open waters like oceans.
    - Lightning causes Chelline to cower behind the nearest person.
    - Chelline will faint at the sight of a frog.

    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 12lbs
    Hair color & Style: Chelline wears her ebony hair all the way down to the back of her knees.
    Eye Color: She has extremely reflective red eyes.
    Skin Tone: Unnaturally pale.
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:

    Guild/Council: Succubus Eye
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Black, on the back of her neck.
    Rin Moriyama

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    Completed Re: Chelline

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Tue 01 Dec 2015, 6:40 pm



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