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    Rennban Koyllson [COMPLETE]



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    Rennban Koyllson [COMPLETE]

    Post by Rennban on Wed 02 Dec 2015, 8:14 pm

    Name: Rennban Koyllson
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Birthday: January 24
    Race: Angel
    Anything Special: Despite being an angel, Rennban has not yet earned his wings.

    Personality: Outside of battle, Rennban is rather stormy, for lack of a better word. Normally, he is extremely calm and even more forgiving, however, once the storm in unleashed, all hell breaks loose. Harm him, his friends, guildmates, or his family, and he will not forgive you, unless you give him a very good reason to. Outside of this scenario, however, Rennban is kind, caring, and always one to give second chances. Also, Rennban is extremely smart, smarter than most. One thing he excels at is extrapolatory thinking, which basically means he's just very good at jumping to conclusions. Unfortunately, Rennban comes off a little strong, well, more than a little strong. He'll often force individuals to talk to him, which makes people feel extremely awkward and uncomfortable. However, once people get to know Rennban, they realize he is kind, and fiercely loyal, and is the one to come to if you are standing over a dead body and holding a bloody knife.
    Before fighting, Rennban will generally talk to his opponents, trying to talk sense into them (if they are his enemies) or just taunting them (if he is sparring with allies). Once Rennban enters battle, he will not hold back, he will be as relentless as the situation calls for. The only time he'll ever hold back is if he believes someone can be redeemed, which is actually fairly often. Also, Rennban doesn't generally battle in the front lines, he'll stay back, and take a more tactical approach. Generally, he examines an opponents fighting style, and determines how to most effectively fight that enemy. Generally his tactics involve messing with people and landing a single devastating blow, but if needed, he'll take a more hands on approach. He doesn't really enjoy beating people to a pulp with his bare hands, but if the situation calls for it, he will do it. 
    Lollipops- Rennban loves lollipops, he loves all types of candy, but he loves lollipops the most. Rennban has a lollipop in his mouth 90% of the time, but will discard his lollipop before entering a fight.
    Hugs- Rennban loves hugs. They're so warm and cuddly and he just loves every single thing about them.
    Being Accepted- Rennban needs everyone to like him, his brain is wired so that everyone must love him, always.
    Idiots- Rennban absolutely hates people who have no common sense or knowledge, and hates those who act like idiots when they're actually smart even more.
    Pluto- No one really knows why, not even Rennban himself, but he just hates this planet.
    The Letter Q- Rennban hates the letter Q because he feels it is a ripoff of the letter O.
    Redemption- While Rennban does not have a dark past, he feels inclined to help those who have dark pasts, he wants to get them onto the right track.
    Psychos- Rennban would like to think that everyone can be redeemed, so those who are evil beyond redemption scare him more than anything.
    Betrayal- Rennban is fiercely loyal, so he gets very, very scared when people betray him, it's something he's not familiar with.
    Crayons- Colored wax used for writing. What could possibly be more terrifying than that?

    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 135 pounds
    Hair color & Style: Blonde- Total chaos
    Eye Color: Golden
    Skin Tone: Light
    Physical Appearance & Clothing: 

    Guild/Council: Sacred Skies
    Guild/Council Tattoo: White. Located on lower back.
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    Re: Rennban Koyllson [COMPLETE]

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Wed 02 Dec 2015, 9:44 pm



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