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    Renn's GFX Shop


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    GFX Renn's GFX Shop

    Post by Rennban on Thu 03 Dec 2015, 2:35 pm

    Renn's GFX Shop ZZALOP9

    Nyeh... Welcome to Renn's GFX shop. I do GFX as a hobby, so I figured I'd make a shop here. I'm most experienced with Siggies and Avvies, but I can do Banners and Approval Stamps as well.

    For now, everything is free, but once more people start to show up, a slight fee might be added.

    Without further delay, here are some examples of my work:

    Renn's GFX Shop Lucy10Renn's GFX Shop Edward10Renn's GFX Shop Shadow12Renn's GFX Shop Calico11Renn's GFX Shop Hikari19Renn's GFX Shop Ilya13Renn's GFX Shop LgFgbrzRenn's GFX Shop N6iO3Q0

    Renn's GFX Shop Signat17Renn's GFX Shop A9gG2o9Renn's GFX Shop Bekett16Renn's GFX Shop Cookie11Renn's GFX Shop Lucy12Renn's GFX Shop Shadow13

    If you want something, please post a reply with the following template:


    [b]Character Name:[/b](Name of your character)
    [b]Face Claim:[/b](Name of your character's face claim)
    [b]Type of Request:[/b](What is it that you want?)
    [b]Image:[/b](Preferably renders, I can render images, but it's always better to wrok with a render.
    [b]Background Image:[/b](What do you want your background to be? I can also make a background, or leave it white/another color.)
    [b]Color scheme:[/b] (What colors do you want in the GFX?)
    [b]Text:[/b](Any specific words or quotes?)
    [b]Extra?[/b]Anything else you want??)

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