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    Renn's GFX Shop



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    GFX Renn's GFX Shop

    Post by Rennban on Thu 03 Dec 2015, 2:35 pm

    Nyeh... Welcome to Renn's GFX shop. I do GFX as a hobby, so I figured I'd make a shop here. I'm most experienced with Siggies and Avvies, but I can do Banners and Approval Stamps as well.

    For now, everything is free, but once more people start to show up, a slight fee might be added.

    Without further delay, here are some examples of my work:



    If you want something, please post a reply with the following template:


    [b]Character Name:[/b](Name of your character)
    [b]Face Claim:[/b](Name of your character's face claim)
    [b]Type of Request:[/b](What is it that you want?)
    [b]Image:[/b](Preferably renders, I can render images, but it's always better to wrok with a render.
    [b]Background Image:[/b](What do you want your background to be? I can also make a background, or leave it white/another color.)
    [b]Color scheme:[/b] (What colors do you want in the GFX?)
    [b]Text:[/b](Any specific words or quotes?)
    [b]Extra?[/b]Anything else you want??)

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