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    Nyx's Twilight Magic


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    Completed Nyx's Twilight Magic

    Post by Nyx on Wed 09 Dec 2015, 9:04 pm

    Nyx's Twilight Magic Coolte10

    Name of Magic; Twilight Magic
    Type/Subtype of Magic; Caster
    Current Rank; D
    Twilight magic uses both the elements of starlight and shadows for offensive and defensive purposes. Certain spells use both elements combined making it impossible for a slayer to eat it, whereas when the elements are used separately in spells, slayers can eat them.

    -Uses two elements(starlight and shadows)
    -When elements are combined, they're uneatable by slayers
    -Has many different offensive and defensive capabilities
    -When elements are separate, slayers can eat them.
    -No supportive abilities
    -Weak against elemental magics

    Night vision:
    Nyx is able to see as well in the dark as she can in the daytime.

    Blind Immunity:
    Nyx is completely immune to blinding caused by her magic and her magic alone.

    Shadow Sneak
    Nyx is able to transform into a shadow and avoid any pure physical attack. This form also let's her get past non magical defenses. however, in this form, she is vulnerable to any magic attacks and physical attacks that are boosted by magic. She takes double damage from energy based magic attacks.

    Light Step:
    During the day, when its light out, Nyx is able to teleport up to 100 feet away using sunlight. This ability can only be used at most 4 times in a thread at d rank and increases by 2 times at every other rank.

    D Rank Spells:
    Dark Flash Bang:
    Name of Spell; Dark Flash Bang
    Type; Offensive/Defensive
    Rank; D
    Nyx gathers starlight into her palm creating an orb of light. She infuses the orbs with shadows and then throws it at the ground, causing a flash bang that sends 10 needles made of shadows flying outward in any which direction. The needles cause d rank piercing damage.
    -Can temporarily blind opponents for at most 2 posts
    -Causes d rank piercing damage from the 10 shadow needles
    -Uses both elements
    -Slayers can eat the needles
    -Slayers can eat the flash bang
    -Higher rank opponents(b rank or higher) will not be blinded by the flash bang
    Duration is 1 post, blinding duration is 2 posts and cooldown is 4 posts
    Range: 100 ft

    Shadow Seal:
    Name of Spell; Shadow Seal
    Type; Defensive
    Rank; D
    Nyx extends her shadow out 100 ft and traps an opponents shadow, stopping them in their tracks and restricting their body. This spell can be used to give an ally the opportunity to attack the trapped opponent. However, she must stand completely still in order to keep her prey trapped thus making her vulnerable as well.  
    -Can trap one opponent making them defenseless
    -Gives an ally the chance to attack the stuck opponent
    -Can be done from up to 100 ft away from Nyx.
    -Her shadow can only go in a straight line
    -Nyx must stay completely still for spell to stay in effect.
    -Can easily be dodged
    Duration: as long as she stays still Cooldown: 2 posts longer than the duration.
    Range: 100 feet

    Twilight Bomb:
    Name of Spell; Twilight Bomb
    Type; Offensive
    Rank; D
    Nyx gathers shadows and starlight into the palms of her hands that form two orbs of dark light. She then launches the orbs of dark light at any surface in which they will explode upon contact causing an explosion with a radius of 100 ft.
    -Orbs can't be eaten by slayers(they use both elements combined)
    -Orbs explode on contact with any surface
    -Explosions have a 100 ft radius
    -explosion can only go in a straight line
    -explosion can be blocked by a higher ranked defensive spell
    -explosion can hurt allies
    duration: 1 post
    cooldown: 3 posts
    explosion range: 100 ft

    Light Barrier:
    Name of Spell; Light Barrier
    Type; Defensive
    Rank; D
    Nyx creates a barrier of pure light that is 8 feet tall, 5 feet in width and 2 feet thick. It will block at most 3 d rank attacks that are either pure magical or physical boosted by magic. Pure physical attacks would bypass it with ease.
    -Protects against 3 d rank attacks(pure magical and magically boosted physical attacks only)
    -Strong against shadow magic
    -Can protect allies
    -Barrier can be eaten by slayers
    -Can't protect against pure physical attacks
    -Can't last against higher ranked spells.
    duration: 3 posts
    cooldown: 5 posts
    Size of barrier:
    height: 8ft
    width: 5ft
    thickness: 2ft
    Range: point blank to 10 feet in front of caster.

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    Completed Re: Nyx's Twilight Magic

    Post by Guest on Wed 09 Dec 2015, 9:38 pm

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