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    Jerrell's Requip Magic (Unfinished)

    Jerrell Beaumont
    Jerrell Beaumont

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    W.I.P Jerrell's Requip Magic (Unfinished)

    Post by Jerrell Beaumont on Thu 17 Dec 2015, 11:34 am

    Name of Magic; Paladin Slayer
    Type/Subtype of Magic; Caster, Requip
    Current Rank; D Rank
    Description; Jerrell's requip magic allows him to summon his armour and sword which is infused with the power of Darkness, allowing him to cast Dark Magic. Jerrell uses his sword for melee fighting and his spells for ranged attacks as well as melee buffs.

    • 25% stronger against Light magic as this armour was used to slay Paladins: Warriors of Light
    • Is very powerful with offense as the armour was mainly used for wars
    • Can drain Dark Magic for power boosts


    • 25% weaker against Light magic as the power of Paladins and Paladin Slayers were equally matched
    • Is very terrible with defense as the armour was never used for defending
    • Can be drained of Dark Magic for power boosts

    Shadow Cocoon:
    Jerrell is able to layer a blanket of Darkness over himself to deflect magical attacks. This ability can only be used 1 time in a thread at D-Rank and increases by 1 with every other Rank.

    Deathly Dark:
    Jerrell can create pitch black Shadow clones of himself to attack his opponent. The clones can only use physical attacks and are not able to use magic. This ability can be used 2 times in a thread and does not increase with Ranks.

    Shade Hive-Mind:
    Jerrell has a mental connection with the shade and so he is able to sense disrupted shadows in a 20 foot radius. This means that he knows the position of anyone who is in some sort of darkness.

    Dead-Man's Wrath:
    The more damage Jerrell takes, the more aggressive he gets. This is because as his physical state gets weaker, his mental state does as well and so the Shade Hive-Mind retaliates and tries to take control of him.

    D-Rank Spells:

    Void Arc:

    Name of Spell; Void Arc
    Type; Offensive
    Rank; D
    Description; Jerrell builds up Dark Magic on sword and swings in a huge arc. The Darkness built up on his sword releases and makes a Magic shock wave. The Magic wave cause D-Rank to damage to anyone hit by it.

    • Can be used in an instant
    • Can be sent in any direction
    • It gets stronger with the longer it has taken to charge


    • Can be easily dodged
    • Takes a while to charge
    • [*Will not work if there are no shadows around

    Duration is 1 post, Minimum charge is 1 post, Maximum charge is 3 posts, cooldown is 2 posts
    Range: 50 foot

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