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    Hydra Sin Information


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    Info Hydra Sin Information

    Post by Alucard on Sat 19 Dec 2015, 1:29 am

    Welcome to Hydra Sin, one of the major dark guilds found within the land of Ishgar and without a doubt one of the most evil. Hydra Sin is a chaotic evil guild with only one true goal, to cause as much chaos as we possibly can, and we will do whatever we can to do just that, we are the guild that you hire when you want an entire town slaughtered down to the last man, woman, child and household pet, when you want someone assassinated in an extremely gruesome and painful fashion in public, hell if you want a church burnt down with everyone still locked inside then we'll do it with a smile on our faces. The guild itself is located within a massive underground cave system that is only accessible through an immense and confusing system of underwater tunnels, all stemming from a small inconspicuous lake just on the outskirts of Era, meaning that the guild itself was located directly beneath the city that housed the Magic Council. The massive carven that houses the guild has an almost ethereal look, possessing massive luminous fungi that kept the area lit with blue light along with a great deal of a great deal of veins filled with raw gemstones and precious metals along the walls and ceilings

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