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    Luna "Jem Princess" Knightmare

    Luna Knightmare

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    Completed Luna "Jem Princess" Knightmare

    Post by Luna Knightmare on Sat 19 Dec 2015, 11:32 pm

    Name: Luna Knightmare
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: May 3rd
    Race: Demi-God(Goddess)
    Anything Special: A medium sized scar in the shape of a lightning bolt in the middle of her back that's covered by her guild tattoo.

    Luna can be described in the following words; selfish, friendly, sweet(when she wants to be), caring(again, when she wants to be), and violent. Luna hates doing anything that requires hard physical labor and will normally shuck it onto someone else to do. She does not work well with others typically and can be somewhat of an ice princess to those who do not pique her interest. However, to those that do, she will give them the "privilege" of speaking to her. Being born the child of the goddess, Hera, Luna believes she is above all others in status, looks and etc. Therefore she feels she's entitled to be treated like she better than everyone else. She believes she is in a sense a princess and should be treated like one by those she is fond of. She is spoiled, and thinks mostly of herself. Only those she is extremely close to will she show her caring side to. Even then, she acts like a spoiled brat who demands to be put on a pedestal and treated like royalty. She doesn't tend to give a rat's ass about what others think of her. She only cares about the opinions of those she's close towards and even that is rare for Luna. This girl has a super short fuse, say the slightest thing that pisses her off and she will be beating on you like donkey kong. When it comes to her true feelings on most matters, she tends to be a complete tsundere. Her actions often contradict her words, and when people point this out to her, she will snap and lash out in an embarrassed anger showing no mercy. Luna can be sweet but only if the conditions are right, that, and if she's in a good mood. Otherwise she can be a bit bitchy. Not really caring if she hurts people's feeling with her icy words. Despite all this, she always acts with grace and sometimes tact.

    In battle, Luna is still graceful but brutal. She won't really work with a team if it's a bunch of people she doesn't really know. Luna is definitely a strategist, she likes to carefully plan out her battle plan before a fight. However, sometimes, to keep her enemies on their toes, she won't plan things out and just go with the flow.

    -Being treated like a royalty
    Luna LOVES being treated like a princess by the person she is fond of. It gives her a sense of fulfillment.
    Luna loves anything with sugar in it; candy, cakes, just straight up sugar, you name it. If it IS sugar or has any sugar in it, Luna will devour it.
    -Shiny Things
    Luna loves anything that sparkles or that shines.
    -Being Treated like a lesser person
    Luna HATES being treated like she's beneath someone else. Being born of the goddess Hera. She feels she needs to be treated like royalty and when someone treats her less, it really sets her off.
    -Bitter Foods
    Due to her love of sweets, she absolutely cannot stand foods that are bitter.
    She can't stand things that are obscene or ugly in the slightest. They completely disgust her.
    Luna has a pure hatred for her own mother, Hera as well as all gods. She hates them for casting her from their world and she despises her mother for not protecting her when Luna needed her.
    -Surpassing the gods
    Luna wishes to surpass all the gods, mainly her mother Hera. She wants to prove they were wrong for casting her aside.
    -Dying Alone
    Luna fears dying all alone without anyone who would mourn her death.
    Luna has a fear of lightning due to a scar she received on her back from the god, Zeus, struck her with a small and not very powerful bolt of his lightning when she tried to stop the gods from casting her from their world.
    Every time Luna hears thunder it reminds her of the time back in the realm of the gods when Zeus scarred her back.

    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 125 pounds
    Hair color & Style: Grayish Black. Luna's hair is
    Eye Color: Blue
    Skin Tone: Light with a slight tan
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:

    Luna's Visage:

    Guild/Council: Sabertooth
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Center of back (pink)

    Team Caelum Sky:

    Luna's Playlist:

    Main Theme:

    Battle Theme:

    Team Caelum Theme:

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    Completed Re: Luna "Jem Princess" Knightmare

    Post by Kenshin on Sun 20 Dec 2015, 11:20 pm

    Well my good lady, I have read over the app and I only have one thing to say

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