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    Completed Kashen Then Kashout

    Post by Kashen on Sun 20 Dec 2015, 10:05 am

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    Name:Kashen Heart
    Sexuality:Straighter than you
    Birthday:July 8th
    Race: Demi of the Gods(Demi-God +15 Magic power +10 endurance)
    Anything Special:Kashen born of a god has a very potent dark aura around him that is naked to the human eye however it doesn not cause immediate danger

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    Ocd Problems
    Kashen is a generally cold person.He dislikes large crowds of people due to the fact he doesn't trust much after the incident in his childhood.Kashen has a ironic ocd problem and if he sees something a symmetrical he is viable to go insane until it is fixed.It isn't against Kashen's mindset to obliterate anything in his path that isn't up to his expectancy.He is also viable to become very aggressive when someone messes with his chores or other missions that he has been doing for a long period of time such as a month.

    The Pain Loving Demigod/Betrayal/Motives for Murder
    Kashen since the age of 5 has always loved pain.He would be known as the Demi-God masochism if anyone would respect him enough to give him a formal title.Kashen is a Demi-god while also being a son of a god he is cunning and sneaky hence forth his entitlement of loyalty is completely invalid.His mindset is not to be killed, but to kill all those in his way of power.Kashen is very into murder and anything in his way is a target not a human in the slightest of ways.Kashen kills to gain power, due to the fact a death match is the only true way to determine the strongest of the gods.Kashen however does understand he is not immortal and knows full and well there is only death waiting for him if he loses a single fight.

    What Drives Kashen?
    Kashen's main goal in life is to find his father.Due to the fact he has no idea whom his father is this makes his motive in life harder than ever.Kashen will dwell on this for hours even months at a time.At this point his persona is dimmed down to a more depressive mood.Kashen however does love his friends and has been known to defend them throughout everything.Kashen is loyal to himself not many others however there have been people Kashen made the exception to, as to avoid this Kashen is normally quiet and shy like to stay away from groups.

    War Pros and Cons:(Personality in battle)
    Kashen being Ocd his moves have to be perfect in his eyes, if someone who were to have mismatched cloths would approach him it would likely lead to the sudden loss of a wizard as soon as Kashen deemed the person 'unworthy' of his time.It works in unison if his allies dislike a wizard Kashen isn't lively to be friendly to them.The only people who can call Kashen off when in battle is higher up wizards, obviously smart enough to not want to piss off the head wizard of his guild.Kashen isn't one to attack first think later, he normally waits until his boiling point and after that Kashen has no problem murdering every wizard in his path.It however takes a while to get Kashen to this point.When in battle Kashen is very violent.He uses the enemies mistakes to his own attacks, i.e makes sure to watch for slip ups in the enemies stance or attack.Kashen when in hand to hands is very brutal trying for the body to rupture organs with punches.Long range is Kashen's favorite being able to spam magic attacks at his enemy from long distances has been his favorite and most used tactic.Kashen takes strategic methods in battle and can have moments of self doubt on the battlefield, however he is normally level headed until enrages.He goes berserk when pushed to extreme limits.

    Pain- Kashen enjoys the feeling of pain, aka getting hit with large balls of mana unless it kills him then he no longer will care if it feels good or not.
    Killing- Kashen enjoys killing other demi-god for power gain, however understands to keep a cool head so he doesn't die
    Laughing- Kashen enjoys being able to laugh like a regular person even though his is a Demi-God and he should hold no balance in the human world.
    Death of Friends- Kashen doesn't enjoy when his allies are in trouble of dying or even being hurt causing him to do anything to prevent the end of their life.
    Crying- Kashen hates it when those of importance are crying, however could care less if the enemy cries Kashen is only upset when those he values are in a state of tears.
    Demi-Gods- Kashen doesn't enjoy other demi-gods, more off the demi-gods whom have the same parent as him, as he doesn't like competing for his parent's love.
    Daddy Issues: Kashen due to the fact he never knew his father is constantly on the look out for him.
    Friends:Kashen is constantly looking to protect those of importance to him hence forth this being a motive to protect the people he doesn't entirely hate.
    Death: Kashen fears death more than all else due to the fact he isn't exactly keen on not getting back up and getting more power.
    Never finding his father: If this hasn't been explained enough he basically lives to find his dead beat godly father.
    Losing someone dear: Kashen never wants to lose a friend and would do anything to avoid it.

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    Height:5'9 - five feet, nine inches
    Weight:roughly 150 lbs
    Hair color & Style:Blacker than your soul, it is styled like bed head, and he hadn't wet it down.
    Eye Color:LIGHT hazel - basically yellow
    Skin Tone:As pale as the moon
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:

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    Guild/Council Tattoo: Middle of stomach aka around belly button
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    Completed Re: Kashen Then Kashout

    Post by Kenshin on Tue 22 Dec 2015, 7:06 pm

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