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    Completed Gilgamesh

    Post by Gilgamesh on Sun 20 Dec 2015, 2:15 pm

    Name: Sol "Gilgamesh" Astrum
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)
    Birthday: May 15th
    Race: Demi-God
    Anything Special: When in battle Gilgamesh gains a golden aura, this aura is purely cosmetic though, and he gains no boosts from it. Gilgamesh also possesses red tattoo's all over his torso and arms, and these tattoo's glow red when he is in battle

    Personality: Due to being the son of Jupiter, the king of the gods, Gilgamesh is extremely vain and believes himself to be superior to others in every conceivable way, it doesn’t matter if that person is a sage, a king or even a god, their status and importance means literally nothing to him and he will almost always view himself as their superior, the only exception to this is to his friends, who he considers to be his equals. Gilgamesh cannot stand any form a hard physical labor, he feels that it is the work of servants and thus beneath him, so he often tires to find ways to pawn it off on others. Typically Gilgamesh is not a team player because he can't stand having to share the glory with others, but this is not so when it comes to his friends, since he see's them as his equals and thus they are worthy of sharing the glory with him. Despite all of his flaws and bad qualities he does actually have a more kind and caring side, but that side is only known by people that he is extremely close friends with, but even with those friend he is still extremely vain. He generally does not are what people think of him, as he believes himself to be a 'king' and everyone else to be nothing more than 'plebeians' or 'mongrels', so he really doesn't see the point in caring about what they think of him, and although he does care about what his friends think of him he will not change himself just to please them, but sometimes, only with his closest friends he is willing to concede about certain things and give a little, but those things are very specific and the people he is willing to give for even more specific. Gilgamesh acts like he is a king in all matters, be it business or pleasure he will only conduct himself with the utmost of grace, he has a great deal of charm and tact, and despite the fact that he is extremely vain and arrogant most people tend to find him extremely charismatic and charming, even when he is insulting them

    Gilgamesh is no different inside of battle than he is outside of it, he still conducts himself like a king and treats his enemy as if they are nothing more than vermin that dared to cross his path, he is still extremely arrogant and thus he is prone to underestimating his opponents. But do not assume that because of this he is any less dangerous, Gilgamesh is an extremely dangerous and merciless opponent as he believes that anyone who would dare to raise their hand against a 'king' is nothing but a heretic who needs to be shown their place, and what better way than to how them how completely and utterly outclassed they are by unleashing his full strength down upon their heads

    Beauty: Gilgamesh loves beauty in all things
    Gold: Gilgamesh has always loved the color gold, in his opinion it is the most glorious and majestic of all colors, and he loves the metal just as much as the color
    Luxury: Gilgamesh loves living in the lap of luxury, he finds that if it is not the finest of quality then it is not worth having
    Not being treated like a king: As the son of Jupiter Gilgamesh absolutely hates it when people do not treat him with respect befitting a king, it is something that really annoys him
    Ugliness: Gilgamesh cannot stand ugliness, it truly disgusts him
    Gods: Gilgamesh hates all true gods with a passion, but the one who he hates above all others is his own father Jupiter. He hates them for casting out of the world that he grew up in, and Jupiter for ordering them to do it
    Surpass the gods: Gilgamesh's main goal in life is to surpass his father Jupiter and the gods that cast him out, he wishes to do this so that he can eventually return to his childhood home and prove to all of the gods there that they were wrong to cast him out, and what better way to prove them wrong than for him to destroy all of them in battle and then force them to grovel at his feet like the pathetic mongrels that they proved themselves to be by banishing him

    Being alone: Gilgamesh fears being alone and unloved, he fears it because in a way that would prove that his father was right in his decision to cast him out
    Dying: Gilgamesh fears dying, and the reason he fears it because he has visited the underworld with his uncle Pluto and it was not a very nice place
    Horses: Gilgamesh has always had a slight fear of horses, something that stemmed from almost being trampled by his uncle Neptune's horses when he was a young child

    Height: 182cm (5.97ft)
    Weight: 68kg (149lbs)
    Hair color & Style: Golden hair, no real style
    Eye Color: Red
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:

    Guild/Council: Sabertooth
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Center of his back in gold

    Completed Re: Gilgamesh

    Post by Guest on Mon 21 Dec 2015, 8:20 pm

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