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    Completed Stella

    Post by Stella on Sun 20 Dec 2015, 5:53 pm

    Stella Czxk6kY

    Stella YFi4oq0

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Birthday:May 16th
    Race: Demi-goddess
    Anything Special:When shes in combat her body glows a bright Cyan color her sword glows the same aura as her self.

    Stella BATkbMM

    Personality:Outside of combat Ashliel is a calm and kind soul willing to protect anyone she deems her friend or ally, she has an honor system and will not strike down a unarmed opponent unless deemed too dangerous to keep alive she thinks she if she simply struck down beaten opponents she would be putting herself down to their level. She normally stays with Luna and her friends being quite literally Luna’s Knight in shining armor she spends most of her time practicing with her sword and sparing with her friends and fellow guild mates to keep her skills at their sharpest possible. Sometimes she spoils her friends with certain gifts she makes herself or finds on her journey’s she likes adventures and seeing new things even new creatures fascinate her and she will always be near Luna to keep her safe and help her where she can. She tries her best to treat Luna the way she likes while showing her the new things in the world without offending her or any  of her friends sometimes she finds it as a difficult task due to her wanting to be treated like a queen all the time but she has patience.

    While in combat though her kind personality changes into a colder personality, while she does express some emotion in her attacks she doesn’t let them govern her movement’s she normally will not go all out on her opponent immediately she will attack to analyze their pattern and combat movement first and scan for any weakness they might have. She will still keep her honor in combat and not go for cheap strikes if she can avoid them. She will only express that she is having fun if the opponent is fighting her honorably and will fight them with the same amount of respect they are showing her.

    Likes:Being with her guild: She likes being around them as she has considered them her new family.

    Training with her friends:She enjoys training her friends to make them stronger as well as improving her skills. 

    Helping Luna when she needs it:She likes helping Luna no matter the task despite that some of her requests can be a bit unreasonable.

    Seeing new places and new creatures of any kind: Any new places or creatures in the world fascinate her especially dragons they fascinate her the most
    Dislikes: Her friends being hurt: She hates to see them hurt by anyone to a point where she will scold the offender and make them apologies.

    Anyone who attacks her guild or friends: Anyone who attacks either her friends or guild she views as an enemy and will hunt them down.

    Seeing her friends in any sort of pain: She hates seeing them in pain to a point that she will go out of her way to make them feel better.

    Her Father Tyr for casting her out of his realm: She hates her father for deciding to throw her out of his realm that she called home.
    Motivations: To grow stronger so that she can protect her guild mates and her friends as well as to protect Luna and to Surpass her father
    Fears: Loosing her friends: She fears loosing her friends the only people she considers her family now.

    Snakes: She has a fear of snakes to a point that if she finds one in her room she will punch who ever put it in there or her armor.

    Death: knowing how terrifying the underworld is through what her father told her before her exile she fears one day being sent there for eternity

    Stella SqttsRj

    Weight: 150 lbs
    Hair color & Style:Blonde put up in a bun on the back of her head
    Eye Color: Blue
    Skin Tone: Palish white
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:
    Stella 44631482+Fate+Aphocrypha+Mordred+AW+Knight+Render
    Stella Ow9Aqjr

    Guild/Council Tattoo: On her right thigh

    Stella Ao06o6C

    Team Caelium Sky:
    Stella HXkfIxi

    Stellas battle theme:
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    Stella BCRJg3f

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