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    Hazama Sanzo


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    Hazama Sanzo

    Post by Hazama on Tue 22 Dec 2015, 12:59 am

    Name: Hazama Sanzo
    Age: 23
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: 01/29
    Race: Human
    Anything Special: None

    Personality: A slightly built man, Hazama flows easily through social situations with ease, tending to joke and goof off so long as its appropriate subjects. When in large gathering of people where the focus is drawn from him he tends to relax on the sidelines listening to all the happenings around him, its his favorite place, listening to all the conversations going on at once filing away the information for later use. People don't make him nervous but being the center of attention tends to drain his reserves, it'd be much easier to just sit down with smaller groups, teaching is a great joy. Seeing the light suddenly appearing behind a students eyes as they finally grasp the technique or knowledge, or find a new interest to drive their minds or bodies further on into their life.

    Hazama is most at home in small groups of people at a time, although he can speak to large groups he tends to keep it short and simple, to the point. His eyes light up while he teaches others, its one of the few times he actually allows himself to feel close to others, or to allow them closer to himself. Always smiling he hides the analytical inner workings of his mind, taking note of advantages or even simple things that seem to not notice, almost OCD if someone changes their appearance he makes a note to ask about it at the earliest convenience.

    When on the battlefield Hazama likes to do his work beforehand finding as much information and likely strategies for any viable battlefield be it on a mission or in defense of his guild. As Hazama fights he lets go of the reins a bit continuing his attacks until all masses on the field designated enemy in his mind have ceased moving. He fights in complete silence when alone, or as near as he can when fighting with a team. Not to say he is reckless, he sticks to his strengths, fighting from afar with a mix of knives and magic. The consequences of a life threatening battle never seems to fully sink into his mind until after the battle, so long as he doesn't lose any of his comrades Hazama is happy. Easy enough to replace things not so easy to replace those bonds with others after they pass.
    Hazama loves to teach others, seeing someone elses eyes light up with enthusiasm for a new subject brings a genuine smile to his face.

    Knives in all of their complexity, the varying shapes and sizes they never cease to amaze with all sorts of exotic designs that are pleasing to the eye, or effective for a new purpose.

    Best of all the sights and smells of a freshly prepared feast for his guild, the fresh food and comraderie brings a day to a happy close.

    Willing ignorance on the part of anyone, a stubborn resolve that denies ones self or others to education and the wonders of the world is a crime against the very nature of the world.

    Complete isolation while decent for thinking, is a nuisance when there are people to teach and things to accomplish together as a guild.

    Any weapon not kept in the best care left to break or rust in shadow is an insult to the smith and a mark against the wielder of the weapon.

    The look of understanding and eagerness to learn in anyone he takes on to teach. The thought of finding another person to bond with as guild mates, to go on missions and have fun with them. The darker motivations that drive Hazama; a need to be accepted, and fear of losing his friends.
    Betrayal of the guild by any of its members or allies, war between mages is never a pretty sight.

    Massive global scale war between the legal guilds in the world, it would bring about the destruction of all he holds dear to his heart, the guild and good friends.

    Failing his guild, his deepest fear, letting a comrade pass away because of his mistake, or worse the destruction of his home because of his inaction.

    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 134lbs
    Hair color & Style: Green mid length spikes that stand up when not held down by his signature hat.
    Eye Color: Yellow
    Skin Tone: Light
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:
    Everyday Suit:
    Special Occasion Suit:

    Guild/Council: SaberTooth
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Tongue, Green
    Rin Moriyama

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    Re: Hazama Sanzo

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Tue 22 Dec 2015, 7:35 am

    Really good app, I was impressed! I look forward to your GM application in the future Smile



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