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    XII. Magic Council and Rune Knight Rank System

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    Info XII. Magic Council and Rune Knight Rank System

    Post by FTE God on Wed 09 Sep 2015, 8:21 pm

    The Magic Council is made up of 8 seats and the chairman. They are in charge of governing the legal guilds in Fiore.

    Each seat of the magic council is granted the special rank of SS. It is one rank above S and one rank below X.

    This special rank gives Magic Council seat members access to all spells D-S as well as the special level of 31 and 6000 EXP.

    This special rank gives same amount of stats as an X rank mage(655 + race bonus)

    Magic Council seat members do not take on missions and they never have to worry about ranking up.

    Any Magic Council seat member that is stripped of their position, either IC or OOC, will be lowered back down to D Rank, level 1.

    However, if a Magic Council seat member had already reached a certain level before being given the position, that person will be lowered back down to whatever rank and level they were before getting the position.

    The person who becomes the head of the magic council....

    1. The chairman is voted into the position by the 8 seats of the MC.

    2. The chairman is given the special rank of X just like guild masters

    3. The chairman has access of up to S rank spells.

    4. The chairman starts out at level one with zero EXP so they can rank up if they ever fall from their position.

    5.  If the chairman looses their position for some reason, they are bumped down to whatever rank they reached by gaining EXP.

    6. The chairman gets 655 total stats + race bonus.

    7. Once chairman looses their position they loose their chairman stats and have to re-do their stats to equal whatever level they are at when they loose their position.

    8. If you go inactive for more than two months, you will be stripped of your position.

    Unit I: Combat Division
    Focused on combat, weaponry, diplomacy, and anything affiliated with war.

    Unit II: Defense Division
    Focused on defense, civilian protection, and protection of the magic council.

    Unit III: Intelligence Division
    Focused on intelligence, information, tactics, and strategy.

    There are 3 positions for Brigadier General or head of the division. Combat division, defense division, and intelligence division. These three divisions are in charge of different things that they govern within the Rune Knights. The Brigadier Generals have full command of their respective divisions.

    9 Positions, each division has 3 Colonels in charge of day to day jobs and have a unit of Rune Knights that they are in charge of or leader of.

    The lieutenants are directly under the Colonels and act as sort of secretaries to them, handling civilian complaints and writing reports.

    Just what the name states, warrant officers are in charge of issuing all types of warrants such as; arrest and search warrants. They have to get clearance from the Magic Council to issue one when Rune Knight officers request them.

    Infinite Positions, Rune Knights act as police and serve under the Division Commander. They are soldiers to the Magic Council.


    Considered the Black Ops or an elite group, and a branch of the Intelligence Division. Division Commander of this group counts as one of the 3 positions. This group specializes on assassinations, gathering intelligence, escorts, and "taking care of enemies."

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