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    Neah Ryotoji (Done)


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    Neah Ryotoji (Done) Empty Neah Ryotoji (Done)

    Post by neah on Tue 29 Dec 2015, 8:23 pm

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    Name: Neah Ryotoji
    Birthday:December twenty sixth
    Race: Human
    Anything Special:Neah has a tattoo of a strange looking symbol across his heart its written in a a strange runic pattern

    Neah Ryotoji (Done) BATkbMM

    Personality:Neah is a kind and caring personality. He is also very generous, Neahi is also a very compassionate person. Neah is kind and caring especially to children and the elderly. He is usually seen helping elderly people with their bags or helping maintain their gardens and lawns. Neah seemed to be a cheerful and carefree person during his younger years. Neah believes in a simple philosophy for life and that was that it is fine when a man decides what to make of his life, as long as he doesn't live to regret it. Neah tends to rush into a fight against an enemy if his temper is spiked. He has a small bit of a temper if his buttons are pushed such as disrespecting his friends and ore importantly disrespecting his master and his his father.

    That all changed after he lost his father. Neah's new personality is considerably calm state most of the time, but he still has a habit of joking around and disrespecting those around him. The last and final thing that Neah believes in is that teamwork is essential to overall success for a mission. Though there are times when his arrogance pops up. There are exceptions for people he admires such as a person who is able to wound him in battle or ninja that are strong. Neah seems to enjoy sitting down and taking his time with things, especially when telling stories or playing a instrument. However, whenever someone dear to him is in trouble or the situation calls for it, Neah can be very serious, and will instantly try to come to their aid. Neah is for the most part likes to remain in considerably calm  fun loving state most of the time, but he still has a habit of joking around and disrespecting those around him.
    Likes:Women- Well like any normal heterosexual human male he has a interest in the opposite sex.
    music- Neah was the son of a musician and has a deep love and appreciation for it he believes music connects peole when words fail to do so.
    making friends- Neah is a friendly person and enjoys the company of other people and he believes a mages true strength will emerge when he fights to protect something he cherishes.
    Dislikes:Bullies- from the time he was young neah was always picked on as a child by bullies in his town and ever since then he has grown a extreme dislike of bullies and will protect a person should he see them being bullied even if he is outnumbered.
    dark guilds- He believes Dark guilds bring nothing but pain and sorrow to the world and hopes to one day eradicate them.
    Music haters- Being the son of a musician he is quite sensitve when he hears someone who says they dont like muisc greats angers him.
    Motivations:To be one of the greatest mages in all of fiore- His reasoning is simple as to why he wants to be the greatest he made a promise to his father before he passed away that he would be a great and powerful mage.
    Fears: Death- Like any nomral man he fears what the great beyond holds for him and he hopes to put off death for as slong as possible.
    Tight enclosed spaces- When he was still in school at a young age bullies would lock him into lockers when he refused to pay up his lunch money and since then he has grown a fear of tight enclosed spaces.
    Losing his magic- Neah depends alot oon the use of his magic it feels it is what makes him feel special and unique to other people and if he lost that he would justbe like everyone else.

    Neah Ryotoji (Done) SqttsRj

    Height: 5'11
    Weight:130 lbs
    Hair color & Style: black, He keeps his hair in a semi tidy manner but he likes it to be in a slightly unruly manner just because it looks better
    Eye Color: Silver
    Skin Tone:Light
    Physical Appearance & Clothing: Neah is a slender looking man though he may not look it he is quite strong. Neah has a lean, muscular physique. He has some muscle to his body but most people just think hes looks like a weakling but underneath his shirt His chest and abdomen are the only thing that show that he is really physically in great shape. Though he is not the specimen of perfection. He was born with a small conclave chest the size of a spoon could fit into.

    He is usually seen wearing a black vest with gold buttons which was a gift from igneel. Beneath his vest he wears a white dress shirt as well as a red string tie with a pair of black pants and black leather dress shoes. He owns a long white trench coat it was the last gift he had received form his father and he never takes it off. The coat is to him a very precious treasure and will only take it off to bath,eat or sleep. The coat is made from a fine leather and has a adjustable belt around the waist. Neah's tends to wear mostly simple clothing almost like that of a farmers child, he has a pair of black suspender pants that he wears when he is out being casual. Though he changes into his better looking attire when he is out on a mission.
    Neah Ryotoji (Done) Ow9Aqjr

    Guild/Council:Fairy Tail
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Right Arm and the coloring is black with a white outlining
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