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    Grimmoire Hearts Information

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    Post by Merp Derp on Sun 03 Jan 2016, 5:00 pm

    Grimmoire hearts is a guild mostly made up of humans and demi-demons and other dark creatures in the world that Furia has managed to gather the way they operate is the weak are destroyed by the strong and if you are deemed useless to will be destroyed, the entrance to there guild hall is hidden in worth woodsea and only members of the guild know where the entrance and emergency exits are in the guild hall the rest is buried underground where there are plenty of resources and minerals to use and alot more room without drawing unwanted attention. The guilds main goal is to unite any old members that may have left the guild before the change in leadership and to destroy all holy magic, artifacts,buildings, even mages that practice it must be annihilated as well as to destroy the Magic Council.

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