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    Twilight Hand Guild Information


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    Info Twilight Hand Guild Information

    Post by Stars on Sun 03 Jan 2016, 6:24 pm

    Twilight Hand is an independent guild on the northern coast of Fiore, founded thirty years ago by Diane Vedette, the guild’s first and only master.

    Taking after the beliefs of Diane Vedette, Twilight Hand is designed to be a safe haven for all seeking to balance their lives, and to preserve the balance between light and dark in the world. Members are expected not to lean too far towards one side or the other- to walk the fragile line. Twilight Hand lays claim to anything that deviates from this order, with intent to repair and realign any person, organization, or event that may upset this balance.

    Anyone in need of shelter, of rehabilitation, or of fun is welcome within our ranks, though the members we seek are usually looking to restore balance in themselves or their situation.

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