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    The heart of a true Fairy [Open]

    Kita Nanase
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    The heart of a true Fairy [Open] Empty The heart of a true Fairy [Open]

    Post by Kita Nanase on Mon 04 Jan 2016, 9:25 pm

    A Few months Ago:
    “HELLOOOO?!” he said as he looked around at the old worn down building. No one was there and the lights were off. It was a bit dusty and looked like it needed some repairs. He had heard that the guild hall had been abandoned with no Guild Master and being the explorer he was he decided to check it out. As he walked around, wiping his hand over dust bunnies and scaring away mice that dared to come near him. He laughed a bit and closed his eyes “Honestly I feel kind of sorry for this place… I heard that this was once a really great guild…” he said as he shook his head and turned to go. As he reached the door however he saw a man standing there “Then why don’t you rebuild it.” the man said as he walked towards Kita with a smile “I mean this is my guild and I would like to see it get better again…” he said as he grabbed Kita’s hand “Please…” he said as the white haired man nodded “I guess I can…” he said as he clenched his fist “Believe me I will make this guild thrive once again!” he said with a smile.

    A few days passed and he found himself sighing as he looked at the now rundown guild hall. “I promised…” he said as he clapped his hands together. He smiled as he walked in and saw the man from before “You ready to start working?” he said as he grabbed a duster that he had bought earlier that day. The man nodded and smiled at Kita “Y- Yeah and I even brought some friends to come help” he said as some men and women nodded towards him and waved. “We are all Fairy Tail guild members… or what’s left of them anyway.” the man said as took a step forward “My names Taka.” he said with a smile as the woman stood up and introduced herself as Julie and the other man as Phaton. Kita smiled at them and nodded “Names Kita!”

    They got to work dusting, scrubbing the floors, sweeping dirt, and polishing the windows. It took a while and there were many conversations and laughs but they eventually got done and the guild hall looked brand new after a few days. Kita and the others leaned on the walls and smiled “We did it…” Kita said as he looked around “We made this guild look like a home again. He smiled “Your welcome.” he said as he turned and was about to walk out the door when Taka stopped him “H-Hey!” he said. Kita turned around and looked at him “We need a leader…” he said as he took a step forward “I think you should be our leader.” he touched Kitas shoulder. Kita sighed a nodded “Really? You think I should be Guild Master?” he said as he looked around “I guess… I am the one who led the cleaning so I guess I could be Master…” he muttered as he turned and nodded with a determined smile “Alright I will make this guild into the best it can be!” he said as he laughed “Lets start!” Over the next few weeks more and more members joined the guild. Everyday there seemed to be many new people looking for adventure.

    Present Day:

    Kita looked down at the floor from one of the balconies and smiled “This guild is home…” he said with a warm smile as he clenched the rail. He let go and proceeded to walk down the stairs to go sit at the bar. He sat at the bar and had many girls come over to him “Kita-Sama!” they said as he smirked a bit “Hey guys!” he said as he put his arm around them. The men of the guild looked at him with envy as they saw him and the girls talking and laughing. Eventually though he stood up and walked up the stairs to the second floors balcony and looked down at the guild hall. He was proud of his work, proud of his guild becoming a bit more lively.

    He cleared his throat “People of Fairy Tail!” he said in a loud voice “Welcome to the new guild! We have seen better days sure, but you know what!? That won’t stop us from heading to a brighter future! When I first got to this guild it was pretty much in ruins but we built it from the ground up.” he spoke the truth as the people looked up at him “Any enemy we face from now on we will face it as a family!” Kita exclaimed as he closed his eyes “Many people doubt this guild will ever go back to its roots but they are wrong. I, as guild master, declare that we will prove them wrong!” he smiled warmly down at his guild as he continued “Fairy Tail is about exploring new possibilities, making new friendships, conquering the impossible! That, is what we are.” he said as he pointed his finger into the air, showing his guild mark on his hand “THIS IS FAIRY TAIL! AND ANY ENEMY THAT DARES TO CHALLENGE US BETTER WATCH OUT BECAUSE WERE GONNA KICK SOME ASS!” he said as cheers erupted through the guild hall.

    People had doubted the guild ever coming back but they were wrong. Oh so wrong. Fairy Tail was a family. Fairy Tail was friendship. This is the meaning of Fairy Tail. He would build this guild from the ground up because this is what it meant to him.

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