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    Marry Kozakura (Completed)

    mary kozakura
    mary kozakura

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    Completed Marry Kozakura (Completed)

    Post by mary kozakura on Sat 16 Jan 2016, 8:06 pm

    Marry Kozakura (Completed) Coolte10

    Marry Kozakura (Completed) Coolte11

    Name:Marry Kozakura
    Age:140 (14 in human years)
    Birthday:July 21
    Race: 1/4 Medusa, 3/4 Human
    Anything Special: Occasionally, Marry's eyes will glow red, which can be quite terrifying at first glance. Also her eyes glow red when using "Perish Mode".

    Marry Kozakura (Completed) Coolte12

    Personality: Marry is a 1/4-Medusa, 3/4-human girl. She is generally extremely shy around people and can barely stay calm around new acquaintances. Marry is an extreme hikikomori, which means she stays at home at all times and therefore has little to no stamina. Because of this, Marry tends to be very clumsy. Due to the fact that she had to spend most of her life by herself, she treasures her friends from the bottom of her heart and cannot live without them being around anymore.

          Since Marry is extremely shy, she wears a cloak when she is outside, due to her being a hikikomori. She doesn't really like to be seen by strangers because of her white long hair and eyelashes. Ever since she was a child, humans would hurt her family because they were scared of the Medusas hurting them. Since all of her family died, she was always alone in her home, far in the forest.
           Once you are fairly acquainted with Marry, she will open up more and be a bit more friendly. But she will be more embarrassed in front of you. She will try to do everything perfect around you, just to get your attention and impress you. If Marry screws up around you, expect a blush on her face and her trying to hide her face.
          Inside Combat, Marry is no joke. She isn't the kind and clumsy person, you knew out of combat. She will try to avoid fighting at all costs if you try to pick a fight with her. Otherwise, if you mess with her friends... You can say she goes into "Perish Mode". Marry will become extremely sad and angry if you mess with her friends. She will try to defeat you, even if it costs her own life. Marry
    doesn't take things very lightly, if your out to kill or hurt her friends, you'll definitely meet her.

    Likes:Marry loves to make paper flowers, flower crowns, anything to do with flowers. Since she grew up in a forest, she saw flowers quite often and was really fond of them. She also really loves chocolate because that leads to hot chocolate and she loves hot chocolate. Mostly because of the taste and because it has her favorite candy in it. Marry likes animals without horns because they aren't so terrifying.
    Dislikes: Marry doesn't like enemies, No one likes an enemy. She also doesn't like others forcing her to do things, mostly because she doesn't liked to be pushed around. Marry doesn't like coconuts, she doesn't like the taste.
    Motivations: Marry gets motivated if her friends are in trouble, she wants to keep her friends safe at all  times.
    Fears: Mary fears her friends getting hurt or dying, since she was alone and isolated half her life and her family died, she wants to protect her friends so she can still be with them. She is afraid of animals with horns because she is afraid the animal stabbing her with them. Another fear is...DEATH ITSELF. She is scared of dying one day because of the fact she won't get to see anyone ever again.

    Marry Kozakura (Completed) Coolte13

    Weight:85 lbs
    Hair color & Style: Long, white/light cream, wavy hair which reaches down to her hips.
    Eye Color:Pink
    Skin Tone:Pale
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:  
    Marry Kozakura (Completed) 7f24fad6ba54e2508408f597dd6a3c54
    (Her with her cloak on, hood down)
    Marry Kozakura (Completed) Excuseme_zps011f9b79
    (Normal Look)
    Marry Kozakura (Completed) Tumblr_n3xwqlgTPc1rat2azo2_400
    (Perish Mode)
    Marry Kozakura (Completed) Kozakura.Marry.full.1658228
    (Another Perish Mode Picture)

    Marry Kozakura (Completed) Coolte14

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    Completed Re: Marry Kozakura (Completed)

    Post by Kenshin on Mon 18 Jan 2016, 7:59 pm

    I only have one thing to say to you Mary
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