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    Post by Tyrannus on Sun 17 Jan 2016, 1:01 am

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    You wouldn't think of it now, this unruly, primal, and sometimes harsh guild once did not accept mages into their ranks, only taking and training individuals that did not possess magical capabilities and turning them into "Mage Killers", individuals who used specialized tactics and training methods in order to defeat mages on the majority of occasions. However, as time rolls on all things change. The Southern Wolves guild used to go to the highest bidder, working for fair wage and providing equally fair work. They were employed for various reasons, body guards, assassins, messengers, envoys, etc. However, as the light guilds expanded, guild regulation changed, and they were forced to come to terms with the new order. Strife rose among the members, some said that mages could be useful in defending their way of life. Others detested it, in a civil war that broke out between the two factions of the guild, it caused the guild to nearly collapse on itself. After the dust settled, the guild was restructured to allow mages in. However the guild master in charge was very open that he only did it for the good of the guild. Time passed, guild masters changed, sometimes violently it wasn't until the guild came under the command of Master Yuri did mages truly become accepted.

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    Master Yuri was a man of little words and little patience, he grew up in the wild and slayed many beasts in his time. He brought The Law of the Wild into the guild. Status was not earned through activity, it was taken through combat. As it was in the wilderness that the strong lead. So it would be here. He halted the vast majority of body guard, assassination, extortion, and other types of missions and brought the Wolves in to hunt. They quickly became renowned Monster Slayers. Although not specializing in Slayer magic they were armed with a compendium of knowledge of known creatures on the planet. They were a cheap way to get ride of big problems.  

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    In Master Yuri's fading years, he knew the law stated that he would need to be defeated for somebody else to take the reigns of the guilds. Many had started to assess him and ready themselves. One man in-particular, Marquis Hoinhein, defeated the ace of the guild Alexander Romanoff, and challenged Yuri for the right to lead. Yuri fought valiantly, showing what it truly took to remain the guildmaster. Ultimately thought time had eroded away enough of him to be brought down. Marquis gave no quarter and executed the guildmaster in front of the guild. A young boy with white hair watched this hostile take over happen, swearing to himself that when the time came he would take over the guild and never need to relinquish his throne.

    Years later, Tryton Valdesh, the young boy who had grown into a hardened man. Had risen through the ranks by challenging anybody that he figured was higher than him. His reputation became that of a monster in human flesh and soon after the guild members respected him and feared him for it. Hoinhein received a challenge from Tryton at one point. The battle shook the earth and caused the heavens to tremble. When the dust settled, Tryton stood victorious. Over the next few years Tryton used his connections to the outside world to create an informational network for both Monster Hunting and Treasure Hunting missions. Sending his guild-mates into unknown lands and into unknown locations. The Southern Wolves started to amass a name for finding artifacts, magic relics, and for toppling beasts otherwise known to be other worldly.

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    Unlike most guilds that allow immediate membership. Tryton holds fast to the ideals of his previous Masters, Master Yuri and Master Hoinhein. An applicant must complete 1  of 3 tasks to gain access to the guild.
    1.) They must bring proof of a beast kill dictated by the Ace or Guildmaster.

    2.) They must bring and relinquish a magic item of worth to the guild.
    3.) They must defeat a member of the Ace or Guildmasters choosing.

    After admission to the guild is achieved they are required to live up to 2 tenants.
    1.) Respect the Law of the Wild
    2.) The guild halls location can never be revealed to anybody out of the guild

    Welcome to the Pack.

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