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    Cecil's Vermilion (Complete)

    Cecil Vermilion
    Cecil Vermilion

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    Post by Cecil Vermilion on Sun 17 Jan 2016, 3:46 pm

    Cecil's Vermilion (Complete) Coolte10

    Cecil's Vermilion (Complete) Coolte11

    Name:Cecil Vermilion
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Birthday: June 21
    Race: Human
    Anything Special: scar on his cheek
    Cecil's Vermilion (Complete) Coolte12

    Personality: Cecil is a very regal and gentle spirit, he doesn't try to harm anything but his magic causes him to not be able to help it. He is as loyal as lion and is as charismatic as a snake charmer. he loves being able to help people even if they ignore him after the deed is done. he can be jealous and quick to anger at times, usually in dire situations. his mind can wander pretty quickly which is dangerous while he wanders alone on quests because it makes him susceptible to ambushes. he can crack jokes but most of the time he's silent and ignores whats going on. He is also very very intelligent.  he also gets jealous easily even of simple things. he also daydreams and naps a lot on accident or when hes tasked by a tedious or hard task because that's what his master did and he adopted it. he also hates filing paper work of any kind and hates being liable for others actions.
    during battle:he is very swift and fast because he doesn't like to take to much time on any one battle. he is also very reckless making him very aggressive in combat. he isn't very defensive at all but is quick enough to avoid many attacks. Cecil is very aware when he fights as well, he uses his surroundings to his advantage and mostly uses jump based attacks because Arial attacks fit his fighting style. he is quick witted and can make a decision in a split second and know he made the right decision. hr usually fights solo because having team members makes him liable for their actions and he hates paper work, he takes his work very seriously but also takes is slow so he doesn't make any mistakes.
    New Things:one thing he deeply enjoys is new things, he loves discovering things and loves to study everything thoroughly to try and find something new about it.
    Booze:another thing he loves is booze, sometimes he just cant get enough. he loves the effects on his brain it gives him.
    Cats:The thing he loves the most though is cats, he has an addiction to their fluffiness and cuddles any cats he sees.

    Idiots:He cannot stand idiots that have to have things explained to them over and over again because he hates explaining things over and over again.
    Stubborn People:he also really hates people with thick skulls and wont take good advice. this is because he sees it as they aren't listening to him.
    Spicy Food:he hates spicy foods because they make his mouth tingle and it burn.
    Motivations:a real motivator for Cecil is one day seeing his lost love who died, he looks for a way to bring her back from the afterlife and will never stop searching even if he finds a woman better. Another thing that pushes him forward is his everlasting battle with boredom, hes constantly in search for something to cure his boredom.
    Fears: :
    Being Unliked:my character fears people not liking him and hurting living beings. he fears people not liking him because deep down its what drives him forward and to progress as a good person.
    Hurting Living things:Cecil hates hurting living beings because he understands and values the price of life and who deserves it.

    Cecil's Vermilion (Complete) Coolte13

    Weight: 140 lbs
    Hair color & Style:white and medium with a swoop.
    Eye Color: eye colors change depending on mood but normally blue
    Skin Tone: pale
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:

    Cecil's Vermilion (Complete) Zensig10

    Cecil's Vermilion (Complete) Coolte14

    Guild/Council: Lamia Scale
    Guild/Council Tattoo: his chest above his heart
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    Post by Kenshin on Mon 18 Jan 2016, 7:15 pm

    Well, this app is really nicely done Cecil, and with that said I only have one thing left to say
    Cecil's Vermilion (Complete) KTZ0xgW

    Cecil's Vermilion (Complete) BMGMFVD

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