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    Lunette Sparx

    Riley Wolfe
    Riley Wolfe

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    W.I.P Lunette Sparx

    Post by Riley Wolfe on Sun 17 Jan 2016, 7:39 pm

    Name: Lunette Sparx
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: April 20, the first day of spring
    Race: Neko
    Anything Special:  She has cat ears on her head, and a big bushy tail. The tips of her ears and tail are white, while the rest of them match her hair color.  

    Personality: Lunette is a hopeless romantic ultimately. She is very friendly and expressive, and may overstep her bounds at times. Around her friends she can be a bit aloof, often not understanding some social cues or jokes. She is kind, and can be a bit too open, tending to strike up a conversation with a random stranger. Also, since she loves books and writing, she may be found writing or reading in a corner. She prefers a more one on one relationship with people, versus a group one. Lunette can be a bit impulsive at times, which can more often than not land her in a lot of trouble. Some of the few times that she seems angry are when someone takes her pomegranates or books, or when someone steps on her tail. When she isn’t reading or writing or doing much of anything, she will often space out, generally not hearing when someone is calling for her until she is touched. She can be a bit childish when it comes to something she thinks that may bring herself and/or others laughter.
    In battle, she can be a terror. She won’t give up. She is quick, and agile, because of her neko heritage. She thinks quickly, and acts almost always on instinct. When she runs out of magic power, even though she knows she will be weak, she will lash out, using anything she can as a weapon, her nails, her fists and feet, a stick. If she has the chance beforehand, she will put her hair up in a ponytail so it stays out of the way, but if she forgets, or it slips from its restraints in the heat of battle, she looks absolutely demonic. She fights with a lot of jumping along with her running, sort of a free-running style. When she is given a directive, she will generally follow it, unless she is in a rage. She doesn’t like to be a leader, but will be if called to it. She is very outspoken on what she feels should happen, plan wise, for a coordinated attack, which can lead to people making her a defacto leader sometimes.

    Nature, which, besides the obvious, she loves because to her, nature is life. It is why she enjoys her magic so much.
    Pomegranates, because she loves the tart flavor and the color.
    Heights. Something about being in a high place, preferably up a tree, lets her feel at peace.
    Heat, because it makes her hair frizz, especially her tail, which is bushy enough as is.
    Being bothered when needing space. Pretty self-explanatory, but in case it isn’t, there are just some times a girl needs to be alone.
    Being wet. It makes her look like a soaked cat. Literally.
    She is motivated by love, in the belief that all problems can be solved without hate.

    Droughts. If there is no water, then there would be no plants, no life.
    Losing her tail. When she was younger, she was told a story of a neko who lost their tail. They were never able to walk again because they couldn’t keep their balance.
    Never finding love. She dreams of the day she will have a person who is her other half, and to think of not having that leaves her despondent.

    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 129 lbs
    Hair color & Style: Orange, long and down
    Eye Color: Burgundy
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:
    Lunette Sparx:

    Guild/Council: Blue Pegasus
    Guild/Council Tattoo: Orange, same color as her hair, and on the back of her neck.
    Rin Moriyama
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    W.I.P Re: Lunette Sparx

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Sun 17 Jan 2016, 9:23 pm

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