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    Info Lamia Scale Info

    Post by Cecil Vermilion on Tue 19 Jan 2016, 1:00 am

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    Welcome to Lamia Scale, home for any mages who value family and peace. our guild also looks to hunt unholy things or demons and hold a strong grudge against them. we are proud to be a Demon hunting light guild in Fiore residing in the hard working and fishy smelling  port town of Hargeon. our goal is to maintain peace and provide jobs for wizards in this magical world of ours. we are a guild that is prepared to tackle any task you give us whether its D rank or S rank we will take it to assure your happiness. Once You join Lamia Scale you wont want to leave, for everyone here is like family. we pride ourselves on our strong mages, our loyalty to each other and our loyalty to the guild as a whole. most of the jobs we do range from battling pirates attacking the city or defending all of Fiore along side the other light guilds. whether you are here for a job or here for a place to stay or even to just hunt demons we will host you. our loyalty is as strong as diamond, if you betray that we will not let you go so easily. once you take our oath you are bound to our family, yet it is still up to you to leave.  we are  one, we are a  family, we are Lamia Scale. 

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    Our Guild Hall
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    the guild Lamia Scale was created in a year of devastation. Villages were being pillaged and mages were being taken into custody. After its founder Charlemagne Bale created the guild he decided he would use his guild to give shelter to the families that lost them and provide them wit hthe new family Called Lamia Scale. after he had about 10 members he decided to expand his house, he moved his guild to the town of Hargeon so he could have more incoming missions from the ships rolling in each day. 
    one day Charlemagne heard a knock on the guild halls doors, as he opened it he saw a crib with a young boy in it. Charlemagne assumed this boy was all on his own. after taking him in Charlemagne saw true potential in this boy as he raised Cecil. Cecil began growing at the same rate as the guild, and soon enough Cecil was 13 and the guild was full of members from all over the world. A tragedy struck as Charlemagne came back from a mission with horrible news, there were demons enclosing on the town and they would need to defend it. Cecil had not yet unlocked any sort of powers yet but he was quite proficient with a blade.
    After the guild lined up at the front of the city they waited. they soon saw the demons charging over the hills on the outskirts of hargeon with blades ready. their warrior wall clashed with that of the demons and mages began dispatching of the demons with magic and swords. Cecil and Charlemagne fought back to back the whole fight until they were the only two people left standing from the guild. they were cutting the forces down so fast they could marvel at it in their minds. they were soon separated and Charlemagne began to falter as Cecil finished off the last demon surrounding him he could see his mentor with a spear in his chest. Cecil rushed to his mentors aide but was greeted by the thing that killed him and it knocked him out, as he was falling from the blow from the creature he could hear Charlemagne's words "Carry on with the way of our guild, start new if you have to". Cecil woke up back in the guild hall with stitches in his cheek and aching all over the body.
    after he had recovered and gotten out of bed he went out to the guild hall to see one member still alive... it was Alexa, she must've came late and killed the last demon. she commended him for the work and then gave him Charlemagne's coat and explained how he was the new master since nobody else was alive to take the spot but her. Cecil from that point on traveled around gaining more and more supporters. his guild was soon just as big and prosperous as it was before and he was finally back to having a family.

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