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    Succubus Eye Information


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    Info Succubus Eye Information

    Post by Asriel on Tue 19 Jan 2016, 1:17 pm

    What lead you here on this fateful day, Guest? Maybe you ventured too far off th epath and got lost, or perhaps you... were seeking us this entire time... Behold, Succubus Eye, the guild of the night, with the moon as our veil and lies and deceptions our blade. Succubus Eye is a guild of dark intentions, taking what the weak cannot defend for themselves and what is rightfully ours - everything. We are not barbarians, we do not destroy whatever is in our sights. We plan our attacks, coordinate them, and strike fear into the hearts of out enemies. Strip them of all they hold dear, break them down, watch the true suffering. We are a strong group, intertwined with each of our Shadow Sisters and Brothers, and it is these bonds among us which allow us to get jobs done. We are the ones called for a swift and quiet death. We are the ones who's names are only spoken in whispers. We are the ones of nightmares.

    We are Succubus Eye.

    The guild is located among the dark forests of Fiore, secluded away to those with a keen eye. Some say the guild itself is alive, composed of the dark intentions and hatred of it's occoupants. Some say it will even call out to those who's hearts have shunned from the light, beckoning them. It is a great castle among the hill overlooking the forests, blanketed in a thick fog. Many legends of those who have sought this guild only to never be seen have yet to be confirmed. None have returned, they have either gone lost... or joined.

    Currently our guildmaster is Asriel Dreemurr.

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