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    Apple's Magic

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    W.I.P Apple's Magic

    Post by Apple Sauce on Tue 19 Jan 2016, 11:27 pm

    Name of Magic; Simurgh Soul
    Type/Subtype of Magic; Caster, Takeover
    Current Rank; D
    Description; Takeover magic is using magic to take on abilities and identities of powerful creatures. Similar to summoning, but instead of summoning the beast itself you become it, either partially or fully. This is also where we will draw a distinction: Partial Takeover, Full Takeover or Form and Spell.

    Apple’s particular type of Takeover magic invokes the power of a Simurgh, giving him the power of a lion, a bird, and a dog. There are three difference elements from each part of the Simurgh: Earth Lion, Poison Bird, and Air Dog. The partial and full forms he has are natural air an earth which is used by partial while smoke an crystal which is only used by a full body from of a Simurgh or from the full embodiment of that part. Both types of elements have their own powers, abilities, and buffs but they both have the same elemental resistances and weakness. Apple is able to create 'partial' forms where he transforms only certain parts of his body, thus giving those parts the benefits while the rest of her remains normal. Apple's stronger spells on the other hand allow him to transform his entire body into a lion, bird, dog, and to the true form of the Simurgh.


    • Adaptability: Able to adapt to any scenario using different Take Overs. Has appropriate Take Overs when needing to use stealth, Assault or a hybrid of the 2.
    • Large area effect: Regardless of Form, her spells have a habit of affecting the entire environment at once, affecting many people at once.
    • Status effects: Mostly in the form of blindness, disorientation, slow, poisoning and other variable status effects
    • Subtype elements: The 2 elements are crystal and smoke, both elements that are subtypes of there core element.


    • Friendly Fire: Apple's spells do not discriminate for its targets, friends and foes alike will be affected. Sometimes even herself can be affected by her spells.
    • Durability Threshold: Each takeover has a set Damage Threshold before transforming back to normal.
    • Long Cool Downs: Not for the abilities, but for the Partial Take Over and Full Take Over.
    • Mental Issue: While in Full Takeover form his primal state of mind is enlarged, so this tends to make the primal side do all it can to take over and wants nothing more then to hunt, eat, and sleep.


    Name of Spell;

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