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    Kyete Lecata


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    Completed Kyete Lecata

    Post by Kazul on Wed 20 Jan 2016, 11:19 pm


    Kyete Lecata Coolte10

    Kyete Lecata Coolte11

    Name:Kyete Lecata
    Birthday:October 9th
    Anything Special:Obviously his small elf ears

    Kyete Lecata Coolte12

    Out of Battle

    Kyete is categorized as a friendly and caring individual. He is portrayed as kind and a fulfilling friend to his comrades. He takes care of his friends and keeps looks out for however is on the subject. This can also be seen to him being a very loyal person. Though he is usually kind and a friendly person, some tendencies of others can aggravate him and really change his attitude towards others. For example, he can’t deal with ungrateful people, he feels like those who take for granted the kindness in another’s heart shouldn’t be allowed anything at all. He also has an issue with idiocy. Though he can manage to deal with it, too much can come off and only annoy him.

    Kyete is also a very intelligent person. He enjoys working on strategic games, or things to make your brain work. He chooses games to play to get his mind off of the boredom he could currently be having. Mainly he gets bored from being alone, due to nothing going on. He is a very social elf, and can get the best of times being around others. However, if he’s alone he has little idea what to do, and would result to games or daydreaming to fill up the time. During these times of not having anything to do, Kyete wears a very puzzled and frustrated face, and might start exploring the area aimlessly looking for something exciting to happen. Most of anything will do to fill Kyete’s boredom, and make him satisfied.

    Along with all this, Kyete is a very just and honest person. He can’t stand the thought of someone doing wrong and not gaining any consequences from it, it only aggravates him. He has a strong sense of justice and seeming it come full swing, and won’t take anything less. He’s willing to go very far in order to achieve this sense of justice to the individual at hand, and can gain a bit of tunnel vision from it, thinking about basically nothing but this vision of justice. This ties to his strong belief of fairness, having that things needs to be fair and balanced, if not achieved Kyete will try to correct it. He deeply cares about these things and can not stand the alternative without consulting with someone about it. Though he thinks all this, Kyete would try to talk with other people about the current situation in question, wanting their input before he acts rash and goes alone. He doesn’t feel going solo is the correct move, and would only result in more difficulty rather than assembling a group to take care of this issue. Kyete is also a protector, mainly seen with his justice attitude and caring side. He wants to help protect what’s dear to him, and would go to immeasurable heights to do so. The worlds health and future is seen as something Kyete holds dear and would like to protect as well. He also wants to get stronger and better in order to be a better protector, and ward off enemies to his own beliefs. His confidence in his strength is rather high and he trains himself daily in order to keep it that way, not wanting to lose off on his power.

    In Battle

    In battle, Kyete is more so menacing and very aggressive. He doesn’t exactly care for the defensive approach, and would much rather play a rushing type of style. He also tries to keep a content face, however he secretly enjoys the thrill of battle and can’t get enough of it. He might start grinning if it gets good, he wants to have an exciting fight, one he could remember. This makes him get a little carried away, more interested in the fight he’s in rather the reason he’s there. The thrill of the fights is what keeps him going in a battle, but if someone is boring him in the battle he’ll just end it quickly in hopes of someone more fun will come along.

    -Social Gatherings. Kyete enjoys being Social and talking with others, it being one thing to keep him from boredom.
    -Justice. Kyete must see justice being served when necessary, and feels uncomfortable with nothing happening about it.
    -Fights. It thrills him to have to fight and the opportunity to witness everyone’s own personal magic.
    -Games. It’s a fun pastime and one that can really challenge his mind.
    -Giving to others. He’s very caring and likes putting a smile on others faces, and a gesture of thanks for being good people to him.
    -Sightseeing. He likes exploring and finding new things, making sightseeing around his area fun.
    -Unjust outcomes. He can’t stand justice not coming to life, and balance being tampered with due to such a thing.
    -Being alone. He has no clue of what to do whenever he’s alone, wanting to be social and find some people to talk too.
    -Idiotic Tendencies. People who act unnecessarily silly and do dumb acts for no reason really can tick Kyete off after awhile of it.
    -Justice. This is one of the main things for Kyete. He believes that everything should be fair and balanced, and any evil doers should be punished or stopped for what they do to the general public.
    -Fights. One of his good passions, he really enjoys fighting and can’t stop it. Whenever he’s in a good fight, it only rises his excitement and makes him want to fight more, and get lost in the battle.
    -Being deemed Insane. Due to his over happiness with combat, he feels a bit insecure letting out his fondness towards it. He also doesn’t want to be judged about it and thought to be crazy for enjoying fights.
    -Clowns. Being shown a scary clown movie when a child, Kyete has never gotten over the fear of clowns and the reasoning why they dress so oddly.
    -Death. Kyete enjoys living, dying would only stop such a thing and disrupt his vision on a great world. It would be a waste and really suck a lot.

    Kyete Lecata Coolte13

    Weight:159 lbs
    Hair color & Style:Color is Dark blue, shaggy like hairstyle.
    Eye Color:Deep Blue
    Skin Tone:Light
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:
    Physical Appearance:

    Kyete Lecata Coolte14

    Guild/Council:Rune Knight Combat Division
    Guild/Council Tattoo:Back of Right Hand if their is one.
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    Completed Re: Kyete Lecata

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    I have looked over the app and only have one thing to say
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