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    W.I.P Mist

    Post by Guest on Sat 23 Jan 2016, 9:30 pm

    Name of Magic; Mist
    Type/Subtype of Magic; Caster magic
    Current Rank;D
    Description; Uses different types of magic mists to cause illusions, poison, and confusion to the target

    • water, if used around water, the effects are greatly magnified.

    • Storms can make the mist thicken if its a rain storm.

    • Lightening can make the mist spread


    • wind, the mist can be blown away by winds.

    • Fire can evaporate the mist.

    • Light magic can make the mists effects decrease.


    • can allow the user to become cloaked in mist.
      allows for the caster to get away from a fight if need be.
      can give users team a temporary stat boost

    Name of Spell; Poison Mist
    Type; Offensive
    Rank; D
    Description; Can cause temporary poison damage. This is caused by the target inhaling the mist.

    • Cannot be washed away with water, it will react with the water and become stronger.

    • Darkness spells will amplify its power, because has


    • This attack can be blown away easily with wind magic.

    Effects; the cooldown is 7 posts. The duration is 5 posts. the range is 6 feet.

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