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    Lacrima/Magic Item Template

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    Official Lacrima/Magic Item Template

    Post by FTE God on Sun 13 Sep 2015, 10:29 pm

    Here is the template for registering any slayer lacrimas or magical items. Please copy the code below into a new topic.

    [b]Name:[/b](What is the name of your lacrima or item?)
    [b]Rank:[/b](What rank is your item? For slayer lacrimas always put B.)
    [b]Type:[/b](if slayer lacrima, put either dragon, demon or god. For magical items or custom lacrimas, put whatever type fits.)
    [b]Description:[/b](Put how you got the lacrima or item and explain what it does.)
    [b]Strengths:[/b](does not apply for slayer lacrimas, only items and custom lacrimas)
    [b]Weaknesses:[/b](does not apply for slayer lacrimas, only items and custom lacrimas)

    Magic Item Ability Template:

    [b]Name:[/b](what's the name of the item's ability?)
    [b]Rank:[/b](what rank is the ability? Ex. D,C,B,A,S or Artifact?)
    [b]Type:[/b](what type is the ability?)
    [b]Description:[/b](What can the ability do?)
    [b]Strengths:[/b](what are its strengths? At least two)
    [b]Weaknesses:[/b](what are its weaknesses? At least two)
    [b]Duration:[/b](how long does it last for?)
    [b]Cooldown:[/b](how long does it cool down for?)

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