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    Light spellcaster
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    Name: Light Spellcaster
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Sexuality: Bi
    Birthday: April 6
    Race: human
    Anything Special: a scare on her back-there is a story behind it the scare was given to her by her older brother it is a burn you can feel the differentes between the un-burn and burn skin  -but she turn it in to a tattoo of angel wings with feathers falling all over her back.

    Light spellcaster BATkbMM

    Personality: Outside of a fight she is vary big hart, nice kind and vary thing good. good with kids.strong willed, caring, her sean is fight not fly, She is shy when meeting new people but after some time or when she feels happy being with them, she opens up. When she isn't fighting she hangs out with her team or treat them to something.if she see or meats her older bother she will go all out and fight him she will not care if people hate her after seeing her dark side her brother is the only family she has left and he tried to kill her she has a vary dark side but it hardly comes out it only comes out when she is in a bad spot or fighting her brother After losing her mom and dad and her brother fire her master who taught her magic took her in and raised her. She is loving to animals and people sometimes her brother. She has a big hart. She is also a vary sweat person. One of the best things about her is that she can make people feel vary com around her. Just by talking to them. Even when she is shy she tries to open up too. It is a gift that she has.
    In a fight she will not give up no matter what. she'll do anything to keep here friends save.in a group she lets the others people be the leader but she can also lead if she wanted to. She watches the others back to keep the safe. her weapons is a sword that she made and her light magic/spells. The way she fight is difference then attack or attack if it is her brother. She is also good in hand to hand fighting. she wont start a fight but will join in.
    Likes: she likes -
    *to read, Her mother had a lot of books and she is a bookworm
    *making new friends. She had no friends growing up and after her parents left her one day she never learned how to be around people
    *helping people, She love to help people in anyway she can, by making herbs Poussin or just being helpful
    *cheese cake, It the thing that she can remember making from a young age.
    *music/ singing, She has lovely singing voice, it comes her and you can tell how she feels by the songs she sings
    Dislikes: She dislikes-
    *evil, being. She never liked evil. She can tell if someone is evil or good 'it if a gift' she says
    *called weak. She mite look weak and sounds weak but she is not at all it makes her mad being called weak, she feels put down when called weak.
    *fire. From the time after her brother set the fire she dream and relive that day over and over but olny in her dreams it scare her
    *snacks. She never like them at all doesn't know why just does
    *older brother, She has a deep hatred for him but hides it good. She can stand him and what he has done
    *speciy food. Hot food doesn't go well with her.
    Motivations:Her motivations are-
    *To make friends, She want friends to not feel lonely
    *find her mom and dad and her lost memory, She thinks if she gets her lost memory she can find out what happen to her parents
    *she want to find why her brother set the fire, She wants to know why he did what he did and has that question be answered  
    *have good friend that will stay with no mater what happens, Like her brother she also a dark side and if come out she friends there to help her.
    Fears: Her fears -
    *Being left alone in the world, After her mom and dad went missing she was a child that had no memory for a month she felt alone in the world
    * her lost memory, 'What if the meamries aren't what i want' is what she thinks she wants them back but at the same time fears them.
    *her older brothers power. She knows what it can do and that scares her, knowing that she has the same power that can see this before it happens and will come of things

    Light spellcaster SqttsRj

    Height: 5 feet and 3 inches.
    Weight: 199 Lbs
    Hair color & Style: Long straight with some little cereals dark-worm-golden-brown hair to her ankle with a little widow peek. up or down. she doesn't care if it is up or down just as long as she doesn't cut it.
    Eye Color: hazel
    Skin Tone: light with some peach tan
    Physical Appearance & Clothing: she looks like a 17 year old with vary Long straight with some little cereals dark-worm-golden-brown hair,has a big chest , she is 5'3'' and she clothes she wears are a off white-blue t-shert or any top that looks old fansion with skinny-boot cut jeans her shoes are ankle boots that are light brown with a 3 inch thick heal or any shoes she likes her clothing tast is old fansion with a mystic look to it

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    Guild/Council: fairy tail
    Guild/Council Tattoo:fairy tail /in her frunt of her left sholder tords her neck and it is white

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