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I. General Rules  R48X1Xi
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    I. General Rules

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    Info I. General Rules

    Post by FTE God on Wed 09 Sep 2015, 3:41 pm

    I. General Rules  YKydMy8

    Role Play Rules:
    You are NEVER EVER allowed to control another person's character. Also, your character should have no knowledge of events that took place with your RP partners' plot(s) unless you were apart of those events.

    2. Make Your Posts as Descriptive and Creative as You Can.:
    We ask that you try to make your post as descriptive and creative as possible. We aren't looking for Steven King here, but we would like to see some effort on your part.

    3. Mature Topics.:
    Mature topics are allowed here at FTERP but they must be marked [XXX; Private] Just please keep in mind, some members are going to be perverts and read those topics(Note: Please make your XXX topics as discreet as possible!! No private parts by name AT ALL). If you wish to use over excessive cursing or extreme violence, you MUST mark that topic as [MATURE] to warn other members of it's content. This rule is subject to change at any time, so be aware.

    4. 'Liquid Time' Has its Limits.:
    Unless they can duplicate themselves, which is extremely unlikely, unless you are a mage with an ability which allows you to split yourself into two or more people. And, that wouldn't be allowed anyways. OR if you specify it in the first post of your thread that it happens before or after another thread you are in at the same time. This is only allowed for Social or Private No Killing threads. While your character is in a thread where he or she could die, you cannot have a thread that happens after it in the timeline. No mentioning of events that happen in incomplete threads in new threads.

    5. Post Paragraphs, Not a Few Sentences.:
    We know its hard for new RPers to post a lot of words, but you have got to make the effort! We're not asking for like a book, just at the very least, 150 words per post, that's not too hard right?

    6.Third person, Past Tense:
    Posts for RPs are ALWAYS written in third person, past tense. (Ex: Lilliana had to run an errand but was too tired to go, so she stayed home.)

    7. Post order and time limit:
    When there's two or more people in a thread, a posting order MUST be established and must be agreed upon by all participants in the thread. If someone is unable to post, they need to let everyone know. If not, after 48 hours, they can be skipped in the thread without consent. So please try your best to post within the time limit people, it's not that hard.

    8. If it's not your business, stay out of it PERIOD..:
    People will try to get involved in things that have absolutely NOTHING to do with them, they just need to kind their own business. Make sure you don't comment on any applications unless you are an ADMIN or MODERATOR. Those are the only people on the site with permission to reply to applications.

    9. Loop-holing will not be tolerated :
    Here at FTERP, we do not tolerate those who try to find loopholes in our rules. If you are caught doing so, it will result in warning points being given to ALL your accounts

    Here at FTE, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying in any form imaginable. You must treat your fellow members and the staff the way YOU want to be treated. Hurtful name calling, threatening, trolling negatively, you name it and its NOT tolerated OR allowed and if caught doing so, it will result in warning points.

    here at FTE, we use the metric system.
    I. General Rules  8oA0kBk

    Accepted Measurements used for certain items are as follows

    ~ Length/Width/Height ~

    ~ Weight~

    ~ Length/Width/Height ~

    ~Temperature ~

    ~ Speed ~
    MPH (Miles/Per Hour)
    KPH (kilometer/Per Hour)
    MPS (Meters/ Per Second)

    ~ Length/Width/Height~

    ~ Weight ~

    Thread rules:

    For all applications you make on the site, you MUST title them accordingly...
    Character Applications:
    MUST be titled with the character's name, no exceptions!
    Magic Applications:
    MUST be titled with the name of the magic you are making, no exceptions!
    Stat Applications:
    MUST be titled with your character's name followed by the word "stats", no exceptions!
    Pet Applications:
    Must be titled with either the name of the pet, OR character's name followed by the word "pet", no exceptions!
    Equipment Applications:
    Must be titled with either the name of the equipment OR character's name followed by one of the following words, "weapon", "armor", "lacrima", or "item". No exceptions!
    Unison Raid Applications:
    Must be titled with the name of the unison raid spell. No exceptions!

    this means the thread is open and anyone can join it. Anyone can jump in at anytime during the thread as long as they let the current members of the thread know they are joining and they MUST make their first post as them just entering the scene and not entering the conversation yet.

    This means the thread is closed off to new participants because the people who would participate were decided on beforehand.

    this means the thread is closed after a certain amount of people have joined. Only peoples whose names are in the title can post in that thread.

    like private threads, job/mission threads can only be posted in by people whose names are in the topic. This type of thread is marked "Job:" or "mission:" at the beginning of the title then comes the name of the job/mission you are taking on. This type of thread is only used for jobs you take on, please don't ever use this title placement for a social thread.

    this is the same as job/mission and private threads. Only people who's names are in the title may post in the thread. "PvP" stands for player versus player. It should be indicated in the beginning of the thread's title by writing "PvP" then the name of the thread, followed by the participants names in brackets or parenthesis. If there's going to be player killing in the thread, please refer to the next spoiler.

    "Fk"] stands for fighting/killing. It is a thread in which can only be done if all parties agree to allow their character to possibly be killed by another person's character.

    ChatBox Rules:

    1. Respect all staff at ALL times in the chat
    2. Respect your fellow players at ALL times in the chat. (e.i. no name calling, hurtful trolling, and etc.)
    3. This IS a mature site, so you can do mild cursing but NO directing it at another member, and especially not a member of staff.
    4. NO SPAMMING OR ADVERTISING ANOTHER SITE IN THE CBOX AT ANY TIME!!(please use the proper forum sections for that.)
    6. NO political discussions

    Staff Rules:

    Administrator and Moderator Rules:

    • Admins and mods are in charge of helping the founder run the site by approving member applications, doing jewel transfers, and etc.
    • Admins and mods are NEVER allowed to approve their own applications, jewel transfers, perk obtainment, job requests, shop purchases and etc.
    • Admins and mods are to abide by ALL rules of the site at all times. They are to conduct themselves in a professional manner when handling member problems or when dealing with difficult members.
    • Admins and mods must be actively checking the registration, shops, job and other areas for things that need approval, so that we minimize complaints from members about their things not being approved.
    • If one admin or mod is grading someone's app, no other admins or mods may jump in unless given permission by the one grading it.
    • Head admins may override a normal admin or mod's approval of an app ONLY if they ask for that admin or mod's permission to do so. If denied permission, they may not override the approval.
    • Admins and mods both are able to approve position applications on the site.
    • Moderators not allowed to approve item shop purchases, those purchases may only be approved by admins.
    • Any admin or mod who abuses their powers or blatantly disregards a rule may either be stripped of their position and or may recieve a temporary ban.  

    Chatbox Moderator Rules:

    • Chatbox moderators are in charge of keeping the peace within the confines of the chatbox.
    • They are to not allowed to kick or ban a member without good reason, meaning no troll kicking.
    • Chatbox mods are to conduct themselves professionally when dealing with members in the chatbox.
    • If they see fit, a chatbox moderator may call a moderator or admin to the chatbox via PM or via skype to help them handle a member if its too much for them.
    • Chatbox mods may never grade an application, approve perk obtainment or anything else that admins and mods do.
    • Any chatbox mod who abuses their power may be stripped of their position or may recieve a temporary ban.

    Developer Rules:

    • Developers are in charge of helping to develop site systems as well as coding and GFX.
    • Developers must be actively coming up with new ideas for site systems.
    • Anytime a developer comes up with a new site system idea, they must post it in the development section for all staff to see and give their input on it.
    • If a developer is working on a project and have an issue or no longer wish to be involved in the project must contact either the person in charge OR the founder so that it may be resolved.
    • Developers have no authority on the site in regards to applications, shop purchases or anything else that falls under the jurisdiction of administrators and moderators
    • Any developer who creates a new system for the site must get it approved by either both head admins OR the founder for it to be implemented on the site.

    General Rules for All Staff Members:

    • Any staff who goes inactive for a month without prior notice will be in danger of loosing their position unless they report in within 24 hours of their warning to the founder to explain their situation.
    • Staff must always be actively performing their duties at least weekly if not daily
    • Any staff member who does not do what they have signed up to do upon becoming staff WILL be removed from their position without warning.

    *Note: ALL rules are subject to change at any given time. Staff will notify members if and when certain changes are made.

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