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    W.I.P Gifted Light

    Post by Light spellcaster on Sat 17 Oct 2015, 12:57 pm

    Name of Magic; Gifted Light
    Type/Subtype of Magic;caster, lost
    Current Rank; D
    Description; Gifted Light is a mix of light magic and psychic abilities. The ones how have this magic can cast spells to do anything with light as it based ( sheald, heal, ect.)  The person's  psychic abilities can come in many ways like four site, mined reading, moving things with their mine, ect. When the  light magic  is used depending on what spell, it can look strong or week. It can be lovely or scary. All in all Gifted light works in many ways. It depends on how it is used.
    -It is vary afficetive agents a lot of magic. The spells do a lot of damage
    -The magic is vary strong  and it can heart the opponent
    - With the help of psychic abilities the magic use can four see something coming
    -Gifted light magic is weak agents gifted Dark. Along with dark types magic.
    - It weaken the user some bit
    - but it will leave the user in the open for the opponent to attack when he/she is weak

    -   Lost Light: When Light gets blood lust she lets her power take over her. She loose countrale of her mind and lets her power do all the work. Her power goes wild and it is vary hard for her to calm down. Her psychic power is mostly at use at this point. Things will go flying, things will get broke. This only happens when she see her older brother and fights him or when she is in a bad spot.

    Name of Spell; protect wall
    Type; offensive, psychic light
    Rank; D
    Description; the spell is a barrier spell. The caster puts up a wall of light that asks like glass.

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