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    W.I.P Serenity Moto

    Post by SerenityM on Sun 18 Oct 2015, 2:15 am

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    Name: Serenity Moto
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Demi-Sexual
    Birthday: 1st November
    Race: Human
    Anything Special: Her ears are slightly pointed and skin is slightly cooler to touch.

    Serenity Moto BATkbMM

    Personality:(What is your character like inside AND outside of combat? at least 300 words, two paragraphs. one outside battle, the other inside battle)

    Sweets: She personaly loves
    Coffee: Serenity loves coffee as she has been drinking it from a very young age (often blaming it for stunting her growth), however the reason she loves it is because it calms her down while waking her up and sharpening her senses. Not to mention it's bitter taste goes great with sweet foods.
    Books: Being the interverted person she is by nature she tendsto keep to herself and developed a love for books as a drew her into a fantasy world where she could get lost in.

    Spicy Food:

    Being different:
    Overcoming her fears:
    To get stonger:


    Serenity Moto SqttsRj

    Height: 5'5"Ft
    Weight: 136lbs
    Hair color & Style: short blue hair
    Eye Color: dark blueish grey
    Skin Tone: slightly fair caucasian
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:  Serenity has a quite androgynous appearance. She often wears highschool's gakuran, save for other rare occasions in which she wears a formal clothing such as blue shirts, ties, and her trademark blue cap. On days off during winter, she wears a dark blue double-breasted cardigan coat (which she says is custom made) with a light blue bowtie (on her white dress shirt underneath) and yellow buttons, and plaid blue pants. Or more often her summer outfit, however consists of a light blue shirt and a yellow necktie, black suspenders and boots. So often needs her glasses from time to time due to be being slightly near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other.

    Serenity Moto Tumblr_lyxg17zgDe1r5dhe1o1_500
    Serenity Moto Tumblr_lv24droxWK1r5y8sxo1_500
    Serenity Moto Imkymbtnjzfaitbo75v9

    Serenity Moto Ow9Aqjr

    Guild/Council: no guild
    Guild/Council Tattoo: light blue on/over her naval.

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