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    Kita Nanase [Complete]

    Kita Nanase
    Kita Nanase

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    Kita Nanase [Complete] Czxk6kY

    Kita Nanase [Complete] YFi4oq0

    Name:Kita Nanase
    Birthday:August 20
    Race: Demi-God
    Anything Special: Nothing really.

    Kita Nanase [Complete] BATkbMM

    Personality:  On a normal day Kita is usually really happy. He laughs a lot and he talks to his fellow guild mates most of the time. It is very easy to make him laugh and even more so when he is drunk off his ass. He is usually very Care-free and Relaxed about certain matters unless they threaten him or his guild in some way. Kita has the tendency to always want an adventure so he will be exploring or doing jobs most of the time. He is also very romantic and flirtatious. He tends to flirt with a lot of girls in his guild hall but once he has found someone that he can call his he will be more flirtatious to her and less with other girls and this is because he is Loyal. He is Loyal to girls he loves and loyal to his guild. If someone threatens something or someone he loves and holds dear he will not hesitate to chase after them and deal with it personally. Although he has all of these good qualities about him there is also some bad qualities about him.

    Kita tends to be very Perverse once he takes his flirting to far and this typically happens when he is drunk and has no control over what he says or does. He is also very Blunt if he does not like something about someone he will speak his mind and straight up tell them that he doesn't like it. He has no thought of human feelings so he is very clueless most of the time if someone likes him or if someone is sad. If someone likes him they would have to show him that they like him themselves. Kita is really Childish most of the time and likes to pull pranks and joke around with people and because of this sometimes he does not know when enough is enough, getting him into trouble sometimes. When Kita is drunk (and sometimes just on a normal occasion) he is VERY loud. Now that you know some good things and bad things about him, there are some other things you should know as well.

    Kita knows he is handsome and dreamy. He will use this to his advantage when trying to get something out of someone and because of this he is known as a very good speaker that can persuade people. As mentioned before, Kita is a very casual person at heart because he usually does not care about all the events that are happening with the other guilds unless it is something that involves him or something he cares about. People are usually scared to talk to him because of the rich air around him but once they start to talk to him he is actually a pretty cool person. It is also hard to break down his spirit as he believes that he can do almost anything if he sets himself to it. This trait also coincides with how tough it is to change his mind about something. Once he sets himself to it then he will not deter from it no matter what.

    In battle Kita's personality changes a bit. If he is fighting something like a pack of wolves or something not important like when he is on a normal job he will not change really at all and will still be carefree. But when he is fighting something that threatens something he cares about like his guild, his personality will become more serious and he will not hesitate to take down the opponent no matter the cost.


    • Drinking - Drinking is something that Kita does quite often. It relaxes him and makes him forget about all of the stress he has to deal with.
    • Girls - This is a thing that gets attracted to him a lot and something that he enjoys. He is almost never seen without a girl by his side.
    • Exploring - When Kita is not in the guild hall or at his house he is usually out on a job or in a forest or someplace.


    • Sour Things - Kita hates sour things such as Candy.
    • Ugly things - He tends to not want to associate with ugly things.
    • Dark Places - Kita does not like dark places or just dark things in general.


    • Exploring the World - Kita will not stop until every inch of the world is explored by him
    • Making his guild prosper - Kita wants to make the guild he is in prosper as much as possible.
    • Friends - Being the out going and influential person he is he wants to make as many allies as possible.


    • Giants - There is really no reason for this fear... he is just scared of Giants.
    • The Dark - If he is in the dark his walls will break down and he will show his more sensitive side.
    • Thunder Storms - His walls will break down and his sensitive side will come out if there is a thunder storm going on.

    Kita Nanase [Complete] SqttsRj

    Height: 6"1
    Weight: 155
    Hair color & Style: Kita's hair is white as snow. His bangs reach down to his face and his hair grows to the bottom of his neck.
    Eye Color: Emerald Green
    Skin Tone: Kita has a nice tan
    Physical Appearance & Clothing:
    Kita Nanase [Complete] Tumblr_mzioudn3Nd1toofpbo1_500

    Kita is a very slim man but handsome at the same time. He has a great body and well toned skin. He has golden earrings dangling from both ears. He has a golden chain connected to his right earring and it is tied around his neck and reaches down to his belt which is made of gold. His clothing is a bit different from normal as it looks more Egyptian.

    Kita Nanase [Complete] Ow9Aqjr

    Guild/Council: Fairy Tail
    Guild/Council Tattoo: His tattoo is White and its on his right hand.

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