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II. Character Rules  R48X1Xi
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    II. Character Rules

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    Info II. Character Rules

    Post by FTE God on Wed 09 Sep 2015, 3:43 pm

    II. Character Rules  J0fz8J3

    Every mage is ranked from D to SS. These ranks vary in strength but are all obtainable for anyone. Wizards can rank up by gaining the necessary experience by completing jobs to gain that experience.  All wizards start at rank D except for certain cases where an admin approves. There is no rule that says you have to level up if you don't want to.(Note: Only ONE of your characters may reach SS rank, so choose wisely!)

    II. Character Rules  Coolte10

    You have just started your journey in the world of magic. You're a complete novice and may or may not know magic at all.

    II. Character Rules  Coolte11

    You have been on your journey for a little while now, and have a fairly good grasp on how to use your magic but you're still not ready to take on opponents much stronger than you, so don't get ahead of yourself.

    II. Character Rules  Coolte12

    You've been on your magical journey for a few years now, learned many new spells and grown quite a bit, you can easily take on opponents that are somewhat stronger than you. As you walk along your chosen path, you will continue to grow even stronger.

    II. Character Rules  Coolte13

    You've grown so much stronger, you have now a good arsenal of spells and know how to use them well. You use your wisdom from your time on your journey to get yourself through life and you're stronger than most mages.

    II. Character Rules  Coolte14

    By now, you're at the peak of your power, a true force to be reckoned with. You're a powerhouse and you know it, your magic has grown amazingly powerful and your arsenal of spells has become incredibly large compared to that of any lower rank mage you know.

    II. Character Rules  Coolte15

    You're unstoppable! A great powerhouse, you will still have a hard time against S or even an A rank mage but anyone lower than that is not a problem for you. Nobody is brave enough to mess with you or anyone you care about.

    Important; Please Read:
    Everyone, I want you to know, that this is just a base guideline to describe each rank's general power level. However, it is up to YOU, the player to make your character into a powerhouse that is described here. I ask that you don't let what is said in this post go to your head. Just because your character is S or even SS rank, does NOT give you any right to act stuck up OR treat others who are lower rank than you, like they're less important because they are at a lower rank than you. One more thing, here at Fairy Tail Ethereal, rank comes THIRD. RP itself and creating good character development are MUCH more important than anything else. We the staff ask that you ALWAYS remember that.

    Marriage Rules:

    II. Character Rules  8SfoppA

    In this system, two players may get married in character if they wish to.

    However, their characters MUST be an official couple in character AND have to be together for at least two months, real time.

    When two people's characters wish to marry, they may hold an in character wedding ceremony with an admin acting as an NPC Justice of the peace.

    If two characters get married in character, here is what they receive

    - Matching wedding ring items for looks

    - +10 stats to one stat of their choosing for both partners

    In case of death of a spouse's character.

    - The living spouse receives 50% of the deceased spouse's jewels(other 50% goes to the kingdom and Magic Council)

    - Anything the deceased spouse owned such as equipment, pets, items, etc. Will go to the living spouse to do with whatever they choose.

    Alternate Characters Rules:

    1. You are allowed to have 3 characters(One main and two alts)

    2. If you kill off any of your characters you MUST create a new account in order to obtain a new main or alt.

    • Your new character may receive all the jewels from your previous character.
    • Your new character may only receive half of your previous characters EXP.
    • All items, weapons, positions and etc that your previous character had, are NON TRANSFERABLE.(any weapons, armors, items, and etc, shall be archived)

    Note: ALL canon character names, first AND last are off-limits! However, canon character face claims are allowed.

    Third Alt Rules:

    When a member has been on the site for a month or longer, they will have access to a third alt. You must first get the approval of a head admin or the founder in order to create your third alt account. Once you have gotten permission and made the account, you must PM the admin who granted you permission and let them know that that account is yours.

    Fourth Alt Rules:

    When all of a member's characters reach at least B-Rank(guild master characters must have the first level of B-Rank) they can request a fourth alt. They must pm a head admin OR the site owner in order to get permission to obtain a fourth alternate character. Once approved by a head admin or the site owner, they must make the account and pm the person who approved them on that new account to let them know that, that is their fourth alt.

    Leaving the site/returning to the site Rules:

    If you ever "permanently" leave FTE. You will loose all EXP and jewels that your characters had as well as all items will be archived.

    If you decide to return after "permanently" leaving the site. You MAY reclaim your old characters, however everything that was taken from them when you first left will not be re-attainable.

    Leaving the site, means you forfeit EVERYTHING your characters owned. So if you don't want that, then simply don't quit the site.

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